The Ultimate Sales Follow Up System

Posted on June 26, 2016

Ryan Stewman



Do you even follow up, bro? I’ve said it a million times, and I’ll say it again, “The money is in the follow-up.” The numbers don’t lie. Most salespeople don’t follow up. Yet the average prospect needs to be contacted 8-12 times in order to feel comfortable buying. Most sales aren’t closed on the first call. If you’re relying on one-call-closes only, you’re missing out on a lot of cash.

Instead of a one call close, the goal should be to get through those 8-12 touches as fast as you can. Follow up or fall off. In order to close the sale, you must create familiarity and trust with the prospect. Rarely do we trust someone as soon as we meet them. We get to know someone before we decide if we trust them or not. How do you get to know someone? You communicate with them more than once. Simple.

Let me tell you a story of two salesmen.

I know this salesman. We will call him “Jon.” Jon pays for new leads every single day. Each day, when he gets to his office, he knows he will have new leads, in his inbox, ready for him to call. Every day, he goes into work and contacts these leads. Jon closes around 20 percent of the leads he reaches on a daily basis. Since he has new leads each day, he only calls the leads once. If they close, they close. If not, he simply moves on to another new lead.

I know this other salesman. We will call him “Ron.” Ron bought a list of leads about six months ago. Just one leads list. One time. Every day Ron goes into work and calls the same leads over and over. It takes Ron about 60 days to ramp up, but he closes over 70 percent of his leads. He never gives up. He’s a real buy or die guy.

Ron closes 50 percent more of his leads than Jon. Better yet, Ron bought one leads list, one time. Jon is buying new leads every day. Ron not only has a higher conversion percentage; he has a lower lead cost, too.

The sale is in the follow-up.

Often, salespeople are afraid to follow up. They offer zero value, make hard to believe claims, then move on and abandon the prospect, leaving them to find a solution to their problem, on their own. Not cool dammit! NOT COOL! Humans are indecisive by nature. If you offer the solution to their problem, you owe it to them to follow up with them until they let you solve it. If not, you’re lazy and greedy. Plain and simple.

I’m gonna help you out today. I’m going to give you a follow-up system that’s easy to implement, costs you nothing and will help you close more sales. Here’s the thing, though, this ain’t my first rodeo. I know this article is 100 percent free, therefore of little value to you. The words in this post, however, have cost me millions of dollars to organize. The information is here; it’s up to you to take action on it.

Don’t discount the simplicity.

After you’ve made initial contact and the prospect is not convinced to buy what you sell, instead of pressuring all you can and attempting to bully your way to a sale, sell the follow-up. That’s right. If you know they aren’t ready to buy; then it’s time to sell the follow-up. At some point, they ARE going to buy. You need to make sure you are the one they buy from.

Sell the follow-up.

You see, what happens a lot, is salespeople get off the phone, or leave the sales conversation feeling like an asshole. They feel guilty for putting a lot of pressure on the prospect and maybe even saying some shit they regret. Leaving it all on the field causes follow up reluctance. The salesperson knows the prospect doesn’t want to talk to them, so they refuse to follow up.

Instead, when you sell the follow-up, the prospect expects you to contact and continue selling them. If it’s going to take 8-12 touches to create familiarity and trust, the salesperson needs to deliver enough value to earn the right to contact the prospect 8-12 times.

I earn the right to follow up by asking. I ask if it’s okay for me to email them. I ask them to follow me on social media. I ask if it’s okay if I call them at a specific time and follow up. I ask for the follow up like I ask for the sale. I look at the 8-12 touches as trial closes that each get me one step closer to the “YES” I’m looking for.

It really is that simple. When you ask for the business and don’t close the sale, ask for the follow-up. Keep following up until you no longer have to.

Each time I follow up, I bring gifts.

Blog posts. Videos. Scripts. And anything else I can get to them that makes them excited to talk to me when I follow up. Like Pavlov’s dog, baby.

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