Unless You Get a Hard “No” Keep Selling

Posted on November 15, 2018

Ryan Stewman



Objections are scary! At least that’s what 86.5% of all salespeople think. That’s a direct stat from the rectal extraction method used frequently at HCHQ. After all, 99% of sales is rectal extraction, in more ways than one. And yes, I made that statistic up, too. Most salespeople mistake objections for disinterest. Which is detrimental to the careers of so many who try and fail at working in sales.

In reality, objections are buying signs. If the prospect is not giving you a flat out “NO” then there is still some level of interest and you need to sell harder to close them. Prospects fear final decisions. They have rational fears. Fears like, overpaying, getting ripped off, bad service and all the other negative experiences they’ve had with salesmen through the years.

Your prospects may be fearful, but that doesn’t mean they are un-closable.

You must help them get over their fear of commitment. Your job as a salesman is to show them so much value in whatever you say that it makes no sense to turn it down. After all, when value exceeds price, a buying decision is made. You must shift their fear from the fear of getting ripped off, to the fear of missing out on an amazing deal.

Most salespeople don’t think this way. Therefore, most salespeople blow more potential sales than they will ever know.

I welcome objections like long-time friends coming over for Christmas.

I know that as long as I’m getting objections, I’m not getting a “no” and as long as I’m not getting a “no,” there’s still the possibility of a “yes!” The majority of sales pros do and think the exact opposite. They are as scared of objections as the prospect is as scared of getting ripped off. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen two scared people dealing with each other, but it’s uncomfortable AF. YEEESH!

I’m a firm believer that if the prospect says “NO” they mean it. The thing is, most prospects never say “no.” Instead, they say, “I need to talk to my wife” or “I will get back to you.” To me, those are buying signs. It’s simply them signaling to me that they want what I have but that they have a fear of commitment. My job as a salesman is to ease that fear and show them I will protect them.

Here’s where most salespeople I’ve seen, fail. They hear an objection, accept that objection as a “no” and back down from the sale. In reality, objections are like dares to close the prospect. It’s as if by giving the sales pro an objection they are saying, “I dare you to close me.” I don’t know about you, but I don’t pass on dares that involve good money!

Reframe your thinking around objections and welcome them. Instead of adding more fear to the relationship, be confident that as long as they don’t give you a hard “no,” you still have a chance to seal the deal. Remember, unless you get a “No,” you are not done selling. Keep on closing.

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