Wake the F**k Up!

Posted on April 17, 2020

Ryan Stewman



As I write this we are at an unprecedented time. The Covid-19 pandemic is in full swing.


Here in Texas the Governor has ordered a shut down of all restaurants, bars, lounges, gyms, entertainment venues (movie theaters, concerts, etc), massage parlors, etc.


I know this is the case across a majority of the country as well. As a result, people are freaking the eff out, fearful of the unknown and uncertain of their future.


I’ve spoken with several fellow fitness professionals who are now essentially unemployed and are scrambling to figure out their next move and keep a reliable source of income flowing. This seems to be true for a lot of other professions, as well.


As with all things in life, there are lessons to be learned. This crisis is now serving as a notice to wake the fuck up, and start solidifying your business so when the next disaster hits, you operate with confidence and abundance, not fear and panic.


You see, there will be a lot of people who come out on the back end of this better than ever. Innovations we’ve never seen, better-operating systems, better connection with clients, new ways to deliver a great client experience, and capitalizing on the downfall of the competition (not in a malicious way, simply as a result of preparedness).


Those of us who have been consistently doing the damn work is poised to attack!

Wake the F**k Up!

Do you post on social media regularly? Are you staying in front of your clients week in and week out? Are you adding value to your audience and keeping them educated on the latest and greatest things about your industry?


Do people see you as “the car guy” or “the insurance woman” or “the fitness dude”? If you’re nodding your head YES to these questions, you have nothing to worry about. Not only do you have no worries, but you have also positioned yourself above 95% of the people who do the same thing you do.


The fact is most people don’t want to do the work. Or, perhaps, I should say they’re not willing to do the work for the amount of time it takes. Just like someone coming to the gym. You can’t work out for 90 days, kinda sorta see the results you want, then just quit.


You’ll end up right back where you started, or worse. Yet it happens all the time, and happens in the business realm, too. “All of a sudden” your business is suffering and you can’t figure out why.


If you take a closer look, I promise you it’s because you stopped doing what brought you success in the first place. Believe me, I’m speaking from experience here!


If you’re one of those waking up concerned each day about what’s going to happen, it’s time you get your ducks in a row and make your marketing a priority.


Be the leader people need. Reassure your clients and potential customers you will take great care of them. Use this downtime and develop a system to establish yourself as THE option in your industry.


The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago, or today. If you didn’t plant two decades ago, and you’re waiting for the soil to be right, NOW is the time!

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