We Are ALL Fucked Up. Get Over It.

Posted on August 09, 2016

Ryan Stewman



I’ve been adopted, homeless, on drugs, in prison, abused, in prison again and divorced a few times. I’ve made my fair share of mistakes and been punished severely for them. Because of my sordid past, I’ve been able to make a special connection with a lot of people.

I have a connection most will never have. 

I’ve kinda become the person you can trust with the truth. For example: if you’ve been to jail, you can’t share that information with just anyone. It winds up being a secret burning inside you for the rest of your life, in most cases. Yet, if you’ve been to prison, and then you’ve found success, you want to tell someone of your triumphant story even more. But you can’t…
I’m that guy though. The guy people can tell anything to. I get messages and emails every day from salespeople with fucked up pasts, who needed to get something off their chest. In most cases, it’s something they’ve not even told some of the people closest to them. Yet, they share it with me, because they need to tell someone, and I’m that someone they can trust.
That being said, you people are fucked up. Yep. I said it. You’re fucked up. You’ve got fucked up pasts. Fucked up stories and fucked up reasons as to why you are as fucked up as you are. I read your stories. They are just like mine. I’m one of you. I’m probably more fucked up than any 10 of you put together. 

We are all fucked up. Get over it.

From taking medicine for old injuries, to drinking on a regular basis, most of us are just doing life the best way we know how. We didn’t have anyone there to teach us to nail shit perfectly. Because no one knows how it’s done. They say one guy lived the perfect life and they hung his ass on a fucking cross. No one has dared attempt to be perfect since. Still, we try and tell ourselves we should be.
Do you know anyone who’s fucking perfect? No. You don’t. The people who act like they have their shit together, are usually the most fucked up people of all. They just hide it better. Most of us have done drugs. We’ve tried weird, fucked-up sexual shit. We’ve made mistakes. We’ve been in fights. We’ve had our asses kicked. That’s what makes us human.
We’re not alone. Everyone you run into is fucked up in one way or another. As humans, we don’t have a clear definition of “perfect.” (Although some think they do). We have a word and an idea behind the concept, but we don’t have a clear vision of fucking perfection. Why? Because perfection don’t fucking exist on this planet.
The best thing you can do, in order to get over whatever bullshit from your past is holding you back, is accept the fact you’re fucked up. Once you get good with being you (fucked up, and all), you can get good with pretty much anything. Then you can drop the bullshit facade of pretending like you got it all figured out. You’ll start to accept things for the way they are. The world becomes your fucking oyster. 

Think about it.

The most famous and important people on our planet are fucked up. They just deal with it. Actors, entrepreneurs, politicians and entertainers. All supremely fucked up. They just embrace it and don’t let their fucked-uped-ness get in the way of how they do life. People call them flamboyant or special, but they pay it no mind. They embrace their weirdness and keep going.
Whatever it is you’ve been through, I promise you, other people alive are dealing with, or have dealt with it as well. All our lives we are told by church, school and family to act a certain way. Even though we may not have been born to behave the way they prefer. In turn, we start to think differently. We get labels slapped on us like “depressed”, “ADHD” and other bullshit. The fact is, those trying to tell us how to be, are twice as fucked up as we are!

Embrace what is, what was and what will come, then move the fuck on.

Everyone’s breath stinks when they get up in the morning. Nobody has a perfect life. No one even really knows what the fuck “a perfect life” even fucking means. We just say it because that’s what our parents told us, that it was possible.
Embrace your fucked-uped-ness and get on with your life. “There’s nothing to see here folks.” You’re not as unique as you think you are. The only reason you assume you’re alone and the only one fucked up in the whole wide fucking world, is because everyone loves to hide their weaknesses. Do you know how rare it is for a human to admit all the mistakes I copped to in the first sentence of this article? I’m fucking over it, though. I’ve embraced it and guess what? Because I have, very few people judge me. The majority of folks just fucking accept me.
You’re not as fucked up as you think you are. Get over it. Get back to work and focus on what matters. Your future. The past is the past. The shit has already happened. Don’t be a little bitch and get stuck dwelling on ancient fucking history. Man the fuck up and move on. We are ALL fucked up. The difference is, some of us have just accepted it. 

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