Weak Leads vs. Weak Follow Up

Posted on January 30, 2017

Ryan Stewman



My main business is to help salespeople set up lead generating tools that help them get leads. Because of this, the number one complaint I hear is “the leads are hard to get a hold of.” To me, that’s complete utter bullshit. While some folks complain about leads, the folks in my Tribe set appointments with one out of every five leads.

When I went to work for a mortgage bank that sent us inbound leads back in 2008, I could often overhear the other salesmen complaining about weak leads. At the same time, I was earning $20-30K a month from those exact leads.

The only difference was our perception.

My perception was that every single one of those leads needed my help and I had to get in contact with them and close them. Their perception was that the leads were a bunch of deadbeats who never called back. Guess who closed the most loans in that place? You’re right. ME!

The leads are weak? No, you’re weak! The famous line from Glengarry Glen Ross. But is it the leads or is it the salesman’s follow up that sucks? There are only a few reasons a lead is bad. There are only a few reasons your follow up isn’t working. In this video, I’ll go over all of that in great detail.


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