What Causes People To Have a Shitty Month In Sales? [Video]

Posted on February 24, 2020

Ryan Stewman



Have you ever noticed that a shit month in sales is almost always preceded by one of the best months you’ve ever had?

Let’s say you made more money in March than you’ve ever made in one month in the history of your job. Then April comes around, you’re poised for a repeat… and BAM! Nothing happens.

It’s as dry as an Arizona desert. April turns out to be the worst month of the year.

Why does this happen so often?

Well, the good news for you today, is I have your answer. The bad news is that once I give you this answer you have to make a mental decision that will forever change how you think and therefore, change how you do life.

The answer is simple: It’s to stay broke, stay hungry and never rest on your laurels.

In this video, I’ll go into great detail when my VP, Drewbie Wilson comes into the office and asks me a question I don’t think he was ready to hear. My cameraman got it all.

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What Causes People To Have a Shitty Month In Sales?

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