What Consulting Clients Really Want From Hiring An Expert

Posted on October 12, 2015

Ryan Stewman



In the land of “please press 1 for English” and one robot automated service after another, the human element is huge these days.  No matter how much we try to replace humans with robots, there’s some things that just ain’t the same.
Pretty much any information that any person is looking for, is online and most likely on a site for free somewhere.  Any kind of business info you want, from pretty much all your favorite leaders, is online.
There are even decades of videos on youtube about how to run ads, how to retarget, and any other “new aged” technique that the big shot marketers are charging for these days.  Even my stuff, every thing I teach my clients, is online for free somewhere.
Despite what the music and movie industries think, just because something is online for free, doesn’t mean you can’t make money from it.  For example, speaking of music industry, have you ever, or know someone who’s bought one of those music compilation albums?
You can get all of those songs for free on pirate bay or youtube but yet, people go and buy those Now that’s what I call music compilations all day every day for like $12.99.  Why do you think that is?

What Consulting Clients Really Want!

I’ll tell you exactly why it is.  They want convenience.  Instead of them going out and buying every album and doing the work to make the mix themselves, they’d rather pay someone who’s done it for them.
That’s the attitude among most American consumers these days.  If someone has already done it for them, they will just pay for the convenience.  I mean, why waste time doing something yourself, when someone else has already done it for you?  DIY is for poor people.
As a consultant, you’re supposed to be like that mixtape.  You’re supposed to be a source of all the stuff the client wants to hear, at their demand.  Instead of them searching day and night all over the web for their answers, they can hit you, the consultant, up and get real time answers in a language they can understand.
Then, there’s the accountability aspect.  Humans need someone to keep them on track.  We have so many distractions and responsibilities these days, it’s really hard to stay focused. When you have a goal in mind and you’re constantly distracted from that goal, it’s hard to hit it.
As a consultant, you may think clients flock to you for information.  While that may be partly true, the real reason they come to you is for one source of experienced information, and accountability.  Nothing more nothing less.
You’re like a walking, breathing google that asks if they took action on the answer of what they searched for.  Just for a second, imagine how annoying it would be if software was able to consult and google bugged you all day about sales calls and funnels.  NO WAY Mr Roboto.
Now that you understand the root solution your prospects are looking for, it’s your job to articulate to them how you can be that source and accountability partner for them.  Without being douchey, that’s the hard part.
If you can come across as someone who can genuinely help your prospects out due to vast knowledge and expertise, as well as hold them accountable in a way that’s firm, yet cool, you’ll gain trust from them, and ultimately close them. Man! That was one hell of a run on sentence huh?
When  you can find that inner confidence in yourself, and are living in a state of personal integrity, you can offer advice, information and correction to people who are in a position to receive it from you.  If you’re not in integrity, then eventually your entire empire will fall. Unless you’re a sociopath.

Here’s the bottom line:

If you’re trying to sell consulting prospects on how cool you are, how much content you have, or how you’re stuff changes businesses for the better, you’re working too hard and losing too many would be good clients.
Instead, focus on letting them know you’ve got the convenience of information.  Let them know you’re not afraid to correct them in a way that will make them want to improve.  Show them you’re the person they can trust to be right, more times than not.
Once you serve these two needs of the marketplace, you’ll serve more of the marketplace.
If you’re a coach, consultant or similarly named expert, and you want to copy my exact model and method for recruiting clients, simply fill out the form and let’s have a talk to see if you’re willing to pay me and I’m willing to take your money.  No games.

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