What Not To Do When You’re Making Sales on the Phone [Video]

Posted on April 27, 2018

Ryan Stewman



The phone is the most powerful tool salespeople possess. I’ve personally made millions of dollars from the phone. Your phone skills can make or break a sale. The better you are at using the phone for sales, the more money you’ll make.

Too many salespeople think of the phone for talking. The phone is made for listening.

You listen to your prospect, get an understanding of their situation and make a confident suggestion toward the solution to their problem.

The phone also does so much more than just make calls. You can send texts, emails, use social media, make videos and take pictures, among other things. You’ve got to learn to be versatile with the way you use the phone, too. Matter of fact, 93% of all phone calls go unanswered.

In this video, I show you how to use the phone to close sales and what not to do when you are on the phone with a prospect. Speaking of phones, I also have a way for you to create a website from your phone, in less than 5 minutes, even without any tech skills. Watch the video and then sign up at www.phonesites.com

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