What To Do When Things Get Off Course In Your Business

Posted on January 21, 2020

Drewbie Wilson



By Drewbie Wilson


When was the last time you took a few moments to double-check your road map and make sure you’re still headed in the direction you had intended for success in your business?


It’s important to do so every now and then or you might end up in the wrong place at the wrong time.


Cash flow problems.


Issues with suppliers.


Laid up sick with nobody to handle things.


What would you do then?


In lieu of having to go down that road and find out I’ve put together a quick list of things, you can do to make sure your business is on the right path.


What To Do When Things Get Off Course In Your Business




The only way you’re going to know if you’re still going in the right direction is if you stop and get your bearings. When you started your business you probably had a plan. It may have been written on a loose-leaf sheet of paper, an envelope, or it could even be on a napkin from that time you had lunch and inspiration struck over a double cheeseburger.


Whatever the case, you need to be clear on where you are going if you want to eventually end up there. Get focused on the end result of your efforts.




The simplest way to accomplish any journey is by laying out the step by step directions.  If the end goal is to hit a million dollars in revenue start figuring out how many sales that will take.


Once you know how many sales you need, start figuring out how many conversations must be had to make those sales happen. Break it all down to small actionable steps.


It will be much easier to see how far you have come when there are certain landmarks to be seen or reached along the way.


Number 3: GET MOVING


The absolute worst thing you can do when you get off track is to shut down completely and give up. It’s ok to slow down and get back on track, it’s even alright to backtrack the way you came if necessary.


Just do yourself a favor and NEVER STOP moving towards your goal. Standing still isn’t going to solve your problems. Even if you’re only taking small steps you’re still making progress and that’s what counts.




Your mindset towards success will play an integral role in your journey. When you realize how much work is ahead of you the force of average will stand up and try to make you believe it’s not possible. Don’t fall for its trap.


Of course, the work is going to be hard. Nothing worth having in life comes easily. The satisfaction you’ll get from putting in the hard work and never giving up will far outweigh the pain you’re going through now. Keep Going.


Number 5: HIRE A GUIDE


Even when the most dedicated climbers in the world decide to tackle Mount Everest they hire local sherpas, or mountain guides, to help them arrive at the summit safely. It has nothing to do with ego and everything to do with knowing these men and women can help them get the job done.


At the end of the day, there is probably someone in your industry who has accomplished what you’re looking to accomplish. You can study them and look for the secrets to their success or you can ask them to mentor you.  

It’s much easier to learn from the wins and losses of those who came before you than figuring out those lessons on your own. 


Whatever you decide to do just be sure you’re focusing on the end results. 


If you’re tired of being on this journey towards success alone it’s probably time to hire a guide of your own.


Why not make it someone who has guided thousands of Men and Women just like you to become the most elite version of themselves? 


It’s never more than a step away. 


Check out www.jointheapex.com for more information. 

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