What Your Habits Have To Do With Your Net Worth

Posted on January 19, 2021

Drewbie Wilson




We all have them. Both good and bad.

The difference between those who create massive amounts of success and those who live a life of mediocrity comes down to how you manage those habits. It doesn’t matter where you are in your life; your habits have played a significant role in getting you there. If you sat back and audited your current habits, would you be satisfied? My guess is you wouldn’t, which is why you read this blog.

You want to be the most elite version of yourself!

So let’s get down to habits and why they determine your net worth. When it comes to creating good habits, it all starts with studying those who are at the place in life that you wish to be. Whether it’s in your gratitude, genetics, grind, or group, there is someone who is crushing it, and you could do well to learn from. Study them, absorb the habits they have instilled, which allowed them to get where they are. What kind of habits should you be looking at?

#1 – How do you structure your time?

Super successful individuals have clarified what is essential for them to complete daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly. From the moment they wake up to the moment they lay their head on the pillow, these individuals know precisely what they will accomplish throughout the day. They’ve built a calendar, and they stick to it religiously. That includes time spent focused on self-improvement, fitness, revenue-generating activities, and time spent with the people they love. When you control your time and eliminate the possibility of distractions, you stand the best chance to accomplish your goals.

#2 – What can you eliminate from your life?

We are all human, and as such, we all deal with specific traits and issues from our past that we struggle to give up. Successful individuals have made a habit of consistently auditing their life and removing anything that no longer serves them. This includes vices such as booze, drugs, porn, toxic relationships, and anything else that could cause them to be distracted from what’s important. You may also see them eliminating tasks from their plate that do not bring the most significant RoI for their time invested. This means delegating to others, which can be a big challenge for some. That doesn’t make it any less essential to do. When you remove things from your life that do not bring value to your day, you increase your worth by concurrence.

#3 – How do you treat others?

The way you treat those around you plays a significant role in how successful you end up in life. Get in the habit of treating everyone with respect. Bring value to every conversation and do your best to leave others better than when you found them. When you decide to live with a “givers gain” mentality, you are setting yourself up to receive in abundance. There are two significant laws of power at play here—the law of attraction and the law of reciprocity. When you are known for treating people well, including your family, employees, and business partners, you will attract more high-quality individuals into your life who would like to receive that same treatment. By continually giving to others, you will create a cycle of giving in which those who may not ever have received anything from you directly choose to pour into you based on what you’ve done for others. Remember, not every exchange of value is based on monetary exchange. The right introduction could lead you to massive wealth when done correctly.

So think about your habits today. Which of them should you double down on, and which of them should you eliminate immediately, if not sooner?

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