Who Can You Trust These Days to be a Sales Leader

Posted on February 03, 2013

Ryan Stewman



It’s the first week in February, are you on track to keep your 2013 goals in place, or have you already regressed back to the norm? Since you are reading this, I can safely guess, you are either on track to hit all of your goals and if you are not on track, you ain’t giving up. (I know my audience here pretty well)   All sales people, my self included, have a keen sense of ego about us. We hate admitting that someone is a better or a more experienced sales person than us. It’s hard for any human to admit flaws, let alone the salesman, who has to sell himself to people everyday. After all, how can a salesman sell something he admittedly knows is flawed (himself)? It goes against almost all sales creeds, like believing your product is the best.   I’d be a fool if I didn’t also mention all the worthless “sales managers” out there who lied or leached their way to middle or upper management. You know these types, running around, constantly telling their subordinates that are in the sales trenches everyday, how they used to sell 10xs their production with less work. blah blah blah. Don’t get me wrong, there are many great sales managers out there, but lets keep it real, most of them are douche bags. Listening to these DBs brag and berate you on a daily basis, can keep you from looking highly upon sales leaders.   It’s because of these two fundamentally fucked up sales epicycles, that most salesmen never reach out for a mentor. All sales people want to go the next level financially, but they have a hard time taking direction from someone who is not active in their leveled playing field. Sales people get mislead often too. I’ve seen top real estate coaches that have never sold a home. I’ve seen Social media experts with no posts on their page, and marketing experts that can’t write an ad. With all this around us, who can you trust that has your best interests in mind?   I’ve fought this in my very own head for years. I’ve hired many coaches and mentors over the years and what they DO, has always been the decision factor for me, not what they say. Well actually, I look for both. When you have enough faith in a person to invest your money with them, in exchange for learning their methods, you want to know 100% of the time, that you will get the results YOU want from those methods. It’s not an easy decision, hence why only 3% of all sales professionals hire a personal coach/mentor.

So you find yourself stuck. Stuck in the road and toiling in your head what your next move is going to be. The longer you toil with that thought, the longer you are distracting yourself from achieving the results you want.

So what’s a sales warrior supposed to do?

I don’t have the exact answer for you but I can tell you this; You can’t get to where you want to get alone. No matter how much of a sales bad ass you are, you only see your business from first person perspective. You always always always need at the very least, a second set of eyes. Someone to reflect your good and bad qualities out to you, so you can improve. Someone that is not scared to hurt your feelings and pride a little in order for you to gain clarity and make that “next level” move.   The last thing you want to look for is experience. It takes experiments to gain experience, and experience gains you expertise, which makes you an expert. You need someone who has gone through that whole process and understands. You need a do’r not a talker. You are a strong leader and that is exactly what you need to have leading you as well.   The bottom line is this, don’t let ego, past asshole bosses, or big mouth losers, get in the way of you getting the right team together,to help you advance your sales agenda. When it all comes down to it, it is about you. It’s about what is best for you and what results will happen for you. Don’t be afraid to hire a mentor or coach, there are many great ones out there. Just choose wisely, one false prophet can lead a whole village astray.   Just to be funny, I though I would put one of my older coaching videos up. Like I said, you got to run experiments to get experience. This is one my first experiments it’s ok to laugh. Enjoy.  

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