How Aliens are Using Hashtags on Facebook to Read our Minds

Posted on June 17, 2013

Ryan Stewman



I have clear defined proof that Aliens are using hashtags on facebook to read our minds! Well, maybe just our posts. Or maybe aliens got better shit to do. I don’t know… You don’t always click and read every wacky headline you see do you? If you do, than welcome aboard, my ADD is just as bad as yours. We will get along great.   Hashatags on fb

It all boils down to sales and money right? I mean, it’s the real reason why we all do what we do, right? So let’s skip the cuddling and get right to it. I’m sure by now, you have heard that hashtags are live on facebook. If you have no clue what a hashtag is, click the word, it’s linked to the definition. For the rest of you, stay with me….    

Hashtags are like anchors to conversations over the internet. They can be quite mysterious and at the same damn time, they can be annoying. But can they make you money? “Yes” they can. If you know what you are doing with it, just about anything can make you money. #’s are a way for you to carve your steak out in words on the good ole social media innerwebs.  

Never before on facebook could you easily join in on public conversations with strangers on their personal profile. If people use a # it’s obvious they want it to be found and engaged with. People tend to use #s for things and causes they feel strong about. Your job is to get your customers, employees, and referral partners to use your branded # to promote your biz. Of course you should reciprocate as well. But you have a chance to get those raving fan clients of yours to really sing your praises online, if you know how it’s done.  

This week I decided to take some facebook Q&A from friends that wanted to know more about #s and how they work. I really like the Q&A format. If you enjoy it as well, shoot me a message and let me know. i might start making it a regular thing on here.

Aliens are Using Hashtags on Facebook


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