Why Are Salespeople So Afraid To Follow Up With Leads? [Video]

Posted on January 05, 2017

Ryan Stewman



When I first got out of federal prison, I had two weeks to get a job. I went in for an interview with the top private mortgage bank in my state. It took me over two hours, but I closed the GM on taking a chance on me. I had no choice. This was the only person who would even grant me an interview, due to my background.

When I was released to work with their leads, I was more than motivated. I had 15 months behind bars to make up for. My first day on the job, I submitted three mortgage applications. That same day, I heard the other salespeople bitching about the leads they had. They complained about not getting “good leads.” I was f’n baffled.

The difference was due to perspectives. I wasn’t afraid to follow up, close and stalk the sh*t out of those leads because I had nothing left to lose.

Meanwhile, the prima donnas of the sales world are unwilling to go above and beyond, which is exactly what it takes to close sales in the modern marketplace.

I’ve studied the fear of follow up and I’ve learned it boils down to two major issues facing the salesperson. Both of those issues are fear-based issues and can easily be corrected if the will is there. In this video, I’ll explain what those two fears are and how you can overcome them.

The key to overcoming anything is to become aware. I’ll do my part to wake you up, but you have to do your part and put in the work. Deal?

I got you, fam! Watch the video.

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