Why Are Salespeople So Scared of Technology?

Posted on May 12, 2021

Ryan Stewman



I’ve been doing my part to warn the sales community about technology for over a decade now. At first, they laughed at me. Then 5 years later, some started to buy into it, those folks got way ahead of the game.

Last year, the world went digital. Face-to-face meetings turned into zooms. Boardroom meetings were conducted at home. Technology became more important last year than it ever has been. Technology interrupted the world in a way it will never come back from. Office buildings are now empty. Technology replaced rent.

The world has been forced to adapt to technology, yet most salespeople refuse to get on board.

Every day I get comments (still) from people who tell me social media doesn’t work in their industry. They tell me text messages will never replace cold calls. They tell me face-to-face is way better than online. Yet none of those folks are building what we are by using technology.

Here’s the issue. It’s about generational conditioning.

Chances are your sales manager is older. He/she came up without technology. They came up in the time of door knocking, cold calling, and face-to-face meetings. Those still work, but they are nowhere near as effective as they were in the 90s. Times are changing, the millennials are turning 40 and they grew up using technology. If you don’t get on board, you will be left behind. Don’t let the manager being set in his ways, stop you from setting yourself up for the future.

Plus, let’s address the 800-pound gorilla in the room. If you don’t learn technology, you’re doomed to be replaced by it. Now is the time to create software cheap. Most ideas and needs are nowhere near being met currently. This means you get an opportunity to innovate and leverage technology to own it when it takes over. You can compete against tech or you can own tech, choose wisely.

Technology is not going away. It’s here to stay. We are only going to depend on it more and more. This means you not only need to embrace it, but you also need to learn how it works and how you can use it to your advantage. You should know how cryptocurrency works. You should know how to build a website. You should know social media marketing. If you don’t know, you need to get your ass to learning immediately.

If you’re saying you are just not a tech person, that’s a bullshit excuse. You can do anything with consistent practice. Fuck your excuses. Get in the game and get your ass to work learning how to leverage the most powerful thing in existence right now.

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