Why Cold Calling Sucks and Should be Illegal

Posted on July 30, 2013

Ryan Stewman



One of the most annoying practices in the sales world today is cold calling. While the phone may be a very powerful way to close a sale, it’s is a horrible way to make a first impression. The cold call has been taking place since the invention of the phone. It’s safe to say, people are on to them. It’s even safer to say people are annoyed by them.

I mean seriously, when was the last time you were minding your own business and some random sales person called you and sold you something? Think about it… If it doesn’t work on you, it probably doesn’t work on your prospects.   Now, don’t get me wrong, I love using the phone for sales. It’s the most powerful way I know, other than video to make a sale. But you must understand the phone is the second step in the closing process, not the first.  

Here are the top 3 reasons cold calling sucks and is dead

 1: 86% of all phone calls go unanswered. Hell, I don’t have time to catch all the phone calls from my friends, let alone random numbers not stored in my phone. How many times a day do you hit “decline” on your phone before you call back or answer? 

2: The Canadian pharmacy f@cked it up for all of us. These evil bastards will stop at nothing to bother people and because of this, folks don’t answer unknown numbers. These assholes and fund-raisers. 

3: So many people these days owe medical, credit and other debts it’s unreal. It’s hard to be an American these days without owing some random institution money somewhere. And those random institutions will call and harass the shit out of you from different numbers. Because of this, calls go unanswered and voicemail rarely gets checked.   Ok, ok, I know what you’re thinking: “Ryan, thanks for telling me all the reasons cold calling sucks, now tell me what is a better alternative.” I got ya. I’m going to tell you a much better way to reach out to your prospects. Matter of fact, I will teach you how to have your prospects reaching out to you.

Step 1: Google your prospect
Step 2: Find your prospect’s facebook page
Step 3: Like/Share/Comment [intelligently] on their most recent public post
Step 4: Engage them on their page
Step 5: Accept/Send friend request
Step 6: Set a time for a warm call.   It really is that simple.

I don’t know why sales people tend to over complicate stuff. You will see your time cut in 1/10th. Your warm contact conversions climb through the roof. You won’t get hung up on or called an asshole any more.  

Use the power of social media to make your first impression. From there, set a time on the phone so you can further that relationship. Also, you don’t have to rush into the conversation on the phone either. Don’t seem desperate or pushy. Engage them over and over on facebook for a few days then ask for the call. The more you interact before the call, the better.   If you are tired of using old ass, stale, sales tactics to generate leads in your business, fill out the form below and let’s set a time to talk. I’m sure I can help you no matter what you sell. It’s all a matter of if you are willing to take direction.   *Don’t forget to share my shit y’all!* 

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