Why Cold Messaging Is A Waste & How To Attract The Right Clients

Posted on October 19, 2020

Drewbie Wilson



There’s a lot of back and forth out there on cold messaging for prospects on social media.

I thought I’d take a minute to address the situation and see if I could offer some advice to those doing so.

Like all things, sales is a numbers game.

They say… “The more hands you shake, the more money you make.”

This is 100% true. However, if you’re shaking hands with people who have absolutely no interest in your product/service, you waste the most valuable resource you have, which is TIME.

Time is the one resource you cannot buy more of no matter how rich you are.

Back to my point…

If you are spending your days firing off messages to someone who either doesn’t need or can’t afford your services, you aren’t efficient or effective—two of the most essential parts of a successful and scalable business.

“But… Drewbie, I have systems and automation that send those messages!”

That’s great; you’re speeding up the rate at which you waste your time.

Good on you.

The reason people have to send massive amounts of cold messages or do cold calling is that they haven’t built up the most crucial part of their sales process…

The KNOW, LIKE, & TRUST factor!


People only buy from someone they know, like, and trust. Not necessarily all 3, but at least some small combination of them, right?

That’s why referrals are so powerful.

There is an assumptive level of trust when someone YOU know, like, and trust recommends you to another service provider.
So why do so many people choose the Spray & Pray method for sales? It’s a First Person Shooter phrase for those unfamiliar for those who can’t aim and just hold down the automatic fire on a rifle hoping to hit something…

They choose to go this route because instead of getting focused and aiming at a specific target, it’s easier to grab a handful of names/numbers/emails and blast away with a crappy pitch.

“Even a blind squirrel finds a nut on occasion!”

That’s true, but you can’t feed a family with a single nut, and you can’t scale a business with an available sale.

One of the common questions asked is, “how do you build up that know, like, and a trust factor when your getting started?”

I’m glad you ASKED!

First of all, be passionate about your products and services. You should be 120% confident in your ability to HELP PEOPLE! So much so that you have no problem talking about it in public. In regards to social media, that means creating posts, videos, and other content relatable to your target audience.


Get extremely clear on your client’s avatar.
If you don’t know your clients’ ins and outs, your first step before ever sending another message is figuring out who buys your product.
Age, sex, interests… they all play a significant role in this.


Typically, there are two reasons people make a buying decision.
Pleasure or Pain. Is your product/service going to remove or reduce the pain in someone’s life, or will it leave them in satisfied bliss?
Once you know the answer to this question, you can begin creating your marketing and content.


Do you even know? Most people, when asked, have a hard time explaining exactly what it is they do. They try to give you a bunch of fluff about this or that when in reality, most folks have ONE issue above all others that keeps them awake at night.

When you learn to narrow in on that problem, you’re going to start building rapport long before the sale. You also set yourself to simplify the objection handling process that comes later on.

So how do you attract clients to do business with you?

– You create and share content that is explicitly directed towards your client’s avatar.
– You talk about the pain point they wish to rid from their lives and/or the pleasure they desire.
– You express ways for them to solve the problem or achieve the happiness they crave.

…and quite possibly the most critical part.


When prospects can rely on you to be there with the solution to their problem, when they’re ready to make a change, that’s when you’re going to get a chance to win their business.

Now, back to the numbers game…

If you had 1000 conversations and got 10 responses, you’d have about a 1% conversion rate. Drop that down to 100 more targeted discussions, and suddenly your conversion rate increases exponentially. Not only that, but you’d be speaking with people more likely to do business with you in the future.

We all know, “the FU money comes from follow up!”

So ask yourself…

Would you rather work with people who ACTUALLY want what you have to offer?


Do you want to continue begging people who have no idea who you are or what you offer to give you their money?

I think we both know the right answer here… Instead of spending your time attempting to sell anyone and everyone, you should get focused on becoming the attractive character—the person who everyone WANTS to do business with based on reputation. The best way to do that is by becoming the most elite version of yourself.

Start that process immediately by visiting www.jointheapex.com

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