Why Creating A Realtor or Loan Officer Fan Page Is A Colossal Waste of Time

Posted on June 22, 2015

Ryan Stewman



It never fails. Every time I get on a strategy session [sales] call with a prospect in the mortgage or real estate business, they say “I’ve got a fan page on Facebook but it doesn’t get me any business” 
I immediately ask them if they know why it doesn’t work. Some say “I don’t know how to do it.” Others say “I tried ads but they didn’t work so I gave up.” I’ll even get the occasional “I’m too busy to keep up with it.”
That’s when I get right to it. No matter what they answer with, I tell them it’s wrong. The reason your page has no fans and is not spitting out leads, is because nobody is a fan of a loan officer or real estate agent.
Matter of fact, nobody even wants a LO or Agent. They have to use them if they want to buy a home. They don’t want more people involved in the process. What they want is the house they are trying to buy. Using an agent and loan officer is mandatory if they want to reach the goal of homeownership.
In reality, no one is a fan of being forced to use anything. Think about it. When you buy a car, if you want to drive it you have to have insurance. You’re not a fan of your insurance person. They are just someone you had to pay in order to do what you wanted to do, which is drive the car.
If you’re not a fan of your insurance person, what makes you think that you’re special enough to deserve fans from your clients? Most people talk to their insurance agent more often than their LO or Realtor. The truth may hurt, but you can always count on me to give it to you.
What’s worse is that most loan officer and agent’s marketing strategy consisted of them turning cold traffic users on Facebook into fans of theirs. Newsflash, unless you’re on a TV show like Million Dollar Listing, no one is your fan.
This is going to hurt, but the public views us real estate people the same way they view lawyers. They use us only when they have to, and complain that we are all overpaid and stupid. What’s funny is, much like how lawyers talk about each other, agents often say other agents are stupid and the same goes with LOs.
Now that you think about it, why would anyone want to be a fan of an agent or LO? They wouldn’t. But before you get all suicidal and worried about how people really feel about you and your profession, let’s be smart here and think about what they are fans of.
If all they want is a home and we are just roadblocks along the way to them, then they are fans of homeownership. More precisely they are fans of the city they own their home in. Even more precise is they are fans of the neighborhood they live in.
People identify themselves in three major ways, where they work, where they live and their name. Americans have a huge sense of pride in where they live. From the trailer park to the mansions, people are fans of their neighborhood. If they’re not, they move into a neighborhood they are a fan of.
So stop trying to sell the drill (you) and start selling the hole (the house) which is what they really want, a hole not a drill.
I don’t care who you are, there is a neighborhood somewhere by you that your dream home is in. You may say things like “If I won the lottery” or “When we sell this house” or maybe even “when I retire” but you have a spot picked out already, for your next home.
In most areas, there are neighborhoods that are more popular than others. Maybe they are exclusive areas, expensive areas or the part of town with the best schools. Either way, there’s always one part of town or neighborhood that’s hotter than others.
If you focus on selling homes, no matter if you are a LO or an agent, you will attract more people to be fans on Facebook. If your fan page is about a hot neighborhood and all things that go along with it, and you just happen to advertise yourself from it, your chances of getting engagement and leads will drastically improve. Trust me, I’m kind of good at this shit.
If you’re tired of wasting ad money and time trying to promote yourself on Facebook with a fan page, and you’re ready to learn what works, and make it work for you, check out my latest product, Real Estate Ads Academy. Go to www.breakfreeacademy.com/entourage and I’ll give you a free video that will show you exactly what I’m doing right now to get leads from fan pages on Facebook.
And as always, if you’re looking to work with me personally, simply fill out the form below. Don’t forget to share it with your LO and Agent friends. The more you know…

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