Why Giving a F*ck is Powerful AF

Posted on March 06, 2019

Ryan Stewman



How did I become successful in sales?

Pay close attention to what I’m gonna say.

This is the single best advice I will ever give you on the subject of selling.

  • I was a top producer at the car wash
  • I was a top producer in mortgages
  • I’m one of the top online sales guys

I have the street cred, the bank account, the life and the income to prove I know my shit.

So, how did I do all of this with an 8th-grade education and limited resources?

I gave a f*ck.

Yep, it’s that simple.

I actually give a f*ck about people.

When someone comes to me, I help them. Whether they pay me or not, is up to them. Sure, there are a lot of kangaroos out there who want free help. It’s annoying but part of this life.

I help people whether they hire, pay or do business with me. Most of the time they end up signing with me. But not always.

Why do I help them if they don’t pay me?

Because I’m not attached to a financial outcome in my relationships. I’m there to create an outcome and if financials come into play, even better.

I set out to help my prospects. Not all of them can afford me at the time. But they send referrals, new followers and friends my way constantly.

In 32 years, I’ve tipped the scales of karma heavily in my favor by helping first and getting paid second.

Once you can remove yourself from the financial outcome of sales, you will have a greater financial outcome.

I care about people and want to see them win. That’s my job on this planet, helping people win.

Think of all the shit I give out for free: 

  • 2500+ videos
  • 2000+ blog posts
  • 800+ podcasts
  • 1000s of social media posts
  • 100+ webinars

I do this not because I have extra time, but because I want to help people succeed.

When you get into this mindset, it changes the game.

It’s the one true secret to real sales success.

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