Why I Always Stick to the Script [Video]

Posted on August 26, 2016

Ryan Stewman



Every day I log into Facebook I see someone hopping around from one opportunity to the next. The people who six months ago were promoting some FB product, are now promoting a Snapchat product. The people promoting LinkedIn training last week are now Instagram experts.

Meanwhile, I’m over here doing the same old thing I’ve been at for over six years now. Nothing new. Just sticking to the script. I’ve never promoted anything I wasn’t an expert in 100 percent. As a direct result of that, the marketplace has learned to trust me.

I’ve proven I can stay focused.

Focused people get the money and the attention. These days most folks just divide their “expertise.” When the marketplace sees someone who IS focused, they tend to gravitate towards them. A man with focus earns respect.

The other benefit of sticking to the script is longevity. While everyone else is moving around, becoming a jack of no trades, you’ll win in the long run as the person with the most proven experience. I know some folks who’ve been in 17 different opportunities. Meanwhile, those who’ve stuck to the script have become experts.

REAL experts.

Watch the video and I’ll explain it in great detail.


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