Why Is Social Media Marketing So Effective?

Posted on May 05, 2021

Ryan Stewman



If you own a business and you haven’t heard a story from someone about how marketing on social media doesn’t work, you must be hiding under a rock. So many entrepreneurs I’ve talked to have told me that they’ve been there, done that, and it’s nothing but a waste of time and money.

I used to feel the same way until I learned this little secret about how to effectively use social media to generate leads that are ready to buy. Our companies have learned to generate leads on social media to the tune of millions of dollars per year in sales (sometimes in a month), and the best part is we don’t invest a single dollar in paid advertising to do it!

For years, I was a “user” of social media. I emphasize that because the first thing you must do to begin to market on social media effectively is to realize that YOUR ideal client probably the same mindset. They’re getting on social media for a break from reality. Think about it, how much do you use social media, and what’s the main reason you click that little FB or Insta button on your phone?

For most, it’s a quick way to check in with friends and family, watch a cat video, or be entertained in some form or another. You can learn to capitalize on that. When you start thinking as if your social media presence is like having a dedicated television channel, you’ll begin to think differently about how you approach putting content out. Instead of only sharing what’s meaningful to you, why not start to craft a plan that includes content that your ideal client might find interesting? Why not take the time to format a structure for your posts that educates, entertains, and explains valuable tips and benefits around what they might find helpful?

Posting this way will begin to make you intentional about what you share on your “channel.”

People will start to know that whenever they see something you post, it will have a particular flavor, and those that see it as beneficial will take the time to read and watch your content. As you begin to network online or offline, those people will send you friend requests and check out what kind of information you’re putting out there.

Once they begin to engage with you, others they associate with on social media will be shown some of your content.

The algorithm gods have determined that like-minded people gravitate toward similar content.


So if your new friend likes your stuff, there’s a decent chance that their friends might too.

When you remain consistent, continue to network, and add new people as friends on social media, you’ll find your influence begins to grow too. You’ll start to generate the “know, like, trust” component with people simply because they see your content, engage with it, and leave each time with a good feeling from interacting with you. When one of these people sees you offering your product or service, they’re way more likely to send you a message, give a call, or digitally “raise their hand” to inquire about your opportunity.

It takes time to build momentum, and the payoff is more than worth it.

Instead of getting prospects who are skeptical and need convincing, you have conversations that revolve around content that they liked, mutual interests, and mutual acquaintances. The opportunity to close sales increases dramatically. All because they had the chance to get to know you on social media BEFORE they needed what you offered.

Take the time to become intentional online, and instead of being a naysayer of social media marketing, you’ll soon discover your ideal client is there, looking for someone exactly like you to help them solve their problems.

See ya in the trenches!

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