Why Lead Gen Is Crucial To Your Company’s Future

Posted on August 09, 2018

Ryan Stewman



If you plan on staying in business for the long haul, you’re going to need fresh prospects showing up in your sales staff’s inbox every day. Without lead gen, your company is destined to fail. The problem most business owners face is their lead gen is broken and it doesn’t work like they want it to. 
We’ve all been there.

Some slick talking salesman from a marketing firm makes promises from his mouth that his ass can’t keep.

It’s happened to me; it’s happened to you, and it’s happened to everyone who owns a business. You can’t let the few times that your marketing and lead gen have failed, keep you from going all-in on finally nailing it, so you can grow and prosper
What’s worse, is that most business owners get burned by the schmoozy marketing salesman and they end up reverting back to archaic old-school lead-gen methods. You know, things like door knocking, cold calling and going to networking meetings full of broke people who are relying on you for leads. 
These old-school ways of getting leads are the most inefficient methods you can use to secure new prospects. Think of how long it takes your sales staff to walk a neighborhood knocking doors. Now, imagine how many wasted cold calls your staff has to make to get in touch with just one hot prospect. I’m not even going to talk about the amount of losers who show up at networking events. The bottom line is that all these old ways waste time and time is money…so they ultimately waste money. 
There’s a reason that the largest companies in the world spend more money for online lead gen than they do any other “traditional” manner of creating prospects. Sites like Google, YouTube, Facebook, Linkedin and Instagram are the best places to get leads. They are the most cost-effective and time-efficient ways to get leads in the modern marketplace. 
Now, I know what you’re prolly thinking: online leads won’t work for my business or my prospects aren’t on social media or the internet and you are 100% WRONG. There are over one billion people on Instagram, two billion on Facebook and 600 million on LinkedIn. Everyone uses Google and if you’ve ever watched a YouTube video, you’re not alone because so has everyone else in the world. You can’t tell me that out of hundreds of millions or billions of people on social media, none of them are your prospects.

That’s a bunch of bullshit hogwash. 

The problem is that you need to embrace online lead gen instead of running from it. If you don’t embrace it and perfect it, your competition will and we both know what that means for your business. TROUBLE!
  • You don’t have to learn complicated technology. 
  • You don’t need to learn to “hack” the social media algorithm.
  • You don’t need to be a marketing expert to get leads.
It’s actually really simple. All you have to do is get into the heads of your prospect and figure out what they want. Don’t make online marketing about yourself, your company or what you sell. Make it about the prospect. When you stand out, by being all about the prospect instead of being all about yourself, you will start to attract people who will take an interest in your products and company aka leads.
You can use lead capture technology like PhoneSites.com to generate the leads and your sales team can easily follow up with the people who fill out the form and advise them on what product is the best fit for their needs. The online lead gen world is too big for you to ignore and if Fortune 500 companies have gone all in on it, there’s no excuse for you not to buy in. 
If you choose to ignore this warning and continue to do business the old way, you’ll eventually find yourself repeating the cycle of starving for business and lacking prospects. Lead gen is crucial to your survival and you should want your company to not only survive but to thrive. Check out Training.PhoneSites.com to learn a new way to generate leads without stress and inefficiency. You can thank me later. 

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