Why The Best Salesmen Get The Hottest Girls

Posted on October 06, 2015

Ryan Stewman



The other day on my Hardcore Closer Facebook fan page, I posted a picture of Amy and I on the beach and captioned it “The best salesmen get the hottest chicks. Post a pic of the best close of your life in the comments” or something like that. Anyways, the post went on to get 100s of pictures. There were so many I couldn’t keep up. 
As I was reading through them a few days later, I noticed a few guys were hating on me, Amy and the other guys on the post. They were calling us shallow and pretentious. While that may be the case, I thought the post would be a great way for the sales guys to show off their girls. We are always showing off cars, watches, shoes, clothes, houses but not enough of those close to us. I thought I’d do my little part to change that by educating them on why the best salesmen get the hottest girls.
You know how they say “you never see a hater doing better than you”? Yeah, well I creeped the hater’s profiles and didn’t see any pics with chicks. We ALL know what that means. 
One thing was consistent with all the pics, the chicks were all hot! Many were REAL hot. The guys, not so much though lol. Just goes to show that a Closer can get what he wants, if he wants it bad enough. We’ve all seen the ugly @ss dudes walking around with hot women. It used to drive me nuts. I’d say things like “She’s just with him for the money” but that was my insecurity, not theirs. 

Ladies Love Guys Who Are Confident 

Ladies are attracted to confidence. It goes back to cave man days. If they chose you as a mate, they had to trust you to fight off T-Rexs and wooly mammoths. A guy that walks around with the confidence to slay a woolly mammoth will get ladies all day long. Confidence is sexy as anything to a woman. 
I don’t know anyone on the planet with more confidence than a salesman. Maybe a king, but isn’t the king a salesman in his own right? There’s no other profession where you get the feeling and the confidence like you do in sales. If tequila makes you 10 foot tall and bulletproof, closing a sale makes you 100 foot tall with rocket launchers for arms!

Ladies Love Buying, Having and Getting Stuff

Let’s not kid each other here either, chicks love stuff. They love shopping so much they make it a group activity. Every time I sit on the couch with Amy, and stare at our phones (because that’s what couples do right?) I don’t have to ask what she’s doing. I know she’s on some app shopping for more sh!t. *Just a note: She buys her own sh!t. She’s a Closer too. 
I don’t know about you, but when I close a sale, I like to reward myself with something. At this point I’ve got it figured out to reward myself with something for my GF and she rewards me later. Know what I’m saying? The gift that keeps on giving. Take note Closers

Ladies Love a Man With Personality

 If you’re any kind of decent salesman, you’ve got a good personality. Nobody likes buying from Ben Stein. Studies have proved that women are attracted to personality more than body type or looks. If you make her comfortable and laugh, you can get straight to her pants heart. 
There’s this song by Lil Dicky that confirms this. If Lil Dicky and T-Pain say it, it must be true. Right? But in all seriousness, conversation rules the nation. If you’ve got the gift of gab, which most of us do, then you never have trouble finding Mrs Right or Miss Right now.
For all the Lady Closers out there, I didn’t forget about you either but I thought it would be weird to write about ugly chicks getting hot guys but we see you doing your thing girl! Keep it up. 
For those of you more serious, you know the drill, fill out the form below if you’re ready to invest in yourself and learn what you need to, in order to take your business to the level you want. Nothing is holding you back but you and maybe a lack of sex lol
In all seriousness get your @ss back to work. See it’s articles like this that you spend time reading that’s keeping you from closing the deals you want. Just kidding. Sort of. 

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