Why The Way You Think About Money Determines Your Income Level

Posted on April 14, 2020

Drewbie Wilson



Growing up, we are all exposed to specific frames of thought about money. For some of us, we grow up thinking ten dollars an hour is the most we will ever earn. For others, exposed to the life of luxury at an early age, ten dollars maybe what they tip the valet when they go shopping.


No matter which side of that equation you fall on, you were wired at a young age to have a particular relationship with money.


The relationship between the amount of money we earn and our self-worth is intertwined.


Money can be a very taboo subject for people. Even as children, we are told it is rude to discuss money with strangers. Asking how much someone makes is considered offensive.


As if knowing how much someone makes suddenly makes them less human if it doesn’t meet a certain threshold. The problem is the way we associate the value of people to the dollar amount they earn. It’s a problem because it reflects in the way we think of ourselves.


If all your life people have told you that all you’re ever going to be is a loser, it’s hard not to feel like they could be right. That’s why criminals have a hard time when they get out, people always want to label them as criminals, and before long, they go right back to making the same criminal decisions that got them in trouble the first time.

Why The Way You Think About Money Determines Your Income Level

If all you’ve ever known is making $10 an hour is the best you will ever do, that’s what you will focus on doing.


If you want to go from making $4,000 a month to making $8,000 a month, making you a six-figure earner, you’re going to need to rewire your mind around money.


The first step to rewiring your mind around money is to throw out everything you learned about money as a child. If you ever feel like you can never make enough money and that there is always some new expense popping up, you probably suffer from a “scarcity” mindset.


If you are scared of money, whether it’s spending it, or taking it from someone else, you probably learned it from your parents.  Perhaps your parents struggled to get ahead, and it always seemed as if some new bill or expense was always popping up.


Poor money management is commonly passed down from generation to generation. Having this occur in your life as a child could make you feel uneasy, making large sums of money as an adult. As if the moment you have a windfall,  the force of average will be waiting to take it away from you.

Receiving money, and then spending that money elsewhere is how society works.

Once you’ve established that money will come and go in your life like a breeze, you can begin preparing yourself to create a new financial thermostat. You do this by surrounding yourself with individuals who are making the sort of income you desire. Study them, get to know their routine and the way they operate. Success leaves clues, and the easiest way to find them is to put yourself in the places successful people hang out.


Finding top producers in your company or industry shouldn’t be too difficult. Between Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, almost all of these individuals are sharing their stories with the world. By learning from and surrounding yourself with these successful individuals, you will start noticing a change in the way you think about money and success as well.


The last way to increase your income by changing the way you think is to be very specific about your words and your actions. There is an exercise recommended by top success coaches worldwide, where you write out your perfect day. Every minute detail from the time you wake up, to the type of coffee you drink, the car you drive, the people, and the things you do from sun up to sundown.


If you want to reach a certain level of success, you need to have a very clearly defined vision of what success is to you. Take ownership in achieving the life YOU see as success. It looks different for everyone, and knowing how the most elite version of yourself would spend their day will allow you to become that person.


If you’re looking for more help rewiring your mind about money and implementing the changes necessary to become the most elite version of yourself, head on over to www.jointheapex.com, and find out if you have what it takes to be APEX.

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