Why You Must Become The Expert If You Want To Crush It In Sales

Posted on March 26, 2021

Ryan Stewman



When we first start in sales, we get taught what to say versus how to think.

We are told to memorize closing scripts, prospecting scripts, presentation steps, and follow up scripts.

But when the struggle hits and no’s start to stack up, we get told, “It’s a numbers game! Just keep plugging away.”

What if you could speak to the same amount of leads or less and get better closing results?

Do I have your attention now?

If you want to make closing sales just another part of your day, then I’m going to share with you the one mindset shift that took me from surviving to thriving.

That lesson is to become the “Doctor” at what you do.

Think about it. Do you think a doctor has any issue prescribing that costly medication or surgery you need to solve a health problem? Definitely not and here’s why.

They took the time to assess your problem and prescribe a solution and they know you’re going to have to follow their recommendation if you want your problem solved.

So how does this translate into sales?

When a prospect comes to you with their problem they don’t want to be sold. They want their problem solved. When you focus on assessing their problem, solving their problem, and prescribing them something you offer that will solve their problem — that’s how you become the doctor.

The real closers are doctors and success always leaves clues.

Become The Expert And Sales Becomes The Easy Part.


Once you become the expert at what you do sales becomes the easy part. Your reputation grows, your pipeline grows, and your positioning in the marketplace starts to grow.

The challenge lies in “doing the work” to become the expert, both on paper and in your own mindset.

Imposter syndrome hits and all the limiting beliefs kick in when you start to make moves and this is where most people, unfortunately, throw in the towel before a breakthrough.

Don’t worry though because I’m going to share with you the 3 steps to become the authority on paper, and most importantly, in your mindset.

  1. Become the number one fan of your product and service. When you actually use your own product or service, two things happen. You’re able to speak to it from a unique perspective, and you develop integrity as well. When you live and breathe what you sell, you take one step closer to becoming the expert at what you do.
  2. Get clear on the result your prospect wants and speak to it. Your prospect isn’t nearly as interested in the features and benefits as they are about getting results. Real experts know this and speak to the result of the result. In the case of the doctor, it’s not about what problem the surgery solves. It’s what solving that problem does for a person’s quality of life.
  3. Surround yourself with experts who are where you want to be. Jim Rohn said it best, “We become the sum of the 5 people we spend the most time with.” Are you spending your free time with your drinking buddies from college or with people who are at the level you aspire to? The best way to level up your mindset and skillset at the same time is to sit at the table where the experts in your field hang out.

Two of these steps won’t cost you a dime and if you do the first two steps you’ll have the funds to do step three. We didn’t get into sales to be average and make less than 6 figures a year.

You know it and I know it.

Do the work, become the expert, and go get what you’re worth.

Until Next Time.

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