Why You Should Be Focusing on Facebook Groups [Because They Work]

Posted on April 10, 2013

Ryan Stewman



There is a lot of noise on Facebook these days. Even though the smart folks over at FB corporate are working hard to dumb it down for us simple people, there is still a lot of noise to sift through. As often happens with noise, you miss out on the things you want to hear, due to the noise over-noising it. Thanks to noise on Facebook, I miss people’s important updates that I really want to see.   So how do you tone down the noise?   Facebook groups I’m finding a great deal of success with small Facebook groups. Generally speaking, thanks to EdgeRank, your affinity of active friends is a small circle anyway. Why not use a group for all of your communication needs?   Facebook groups are actually very functional these days and easy to assemble and use. More and more businesses and charities are using Facebook groups to keep in touch with a target audience for a specific cause. You can communicate and connect on a more intimate level with people of your choice.   Facebook groups can be super small to super big. In countries outside the USA, FB groups have led revolutions. Matter of fact, FB groups were responsible for the Arab Spring. If using a simple concept like groups on Facebook can overthrow a government, think of what it can do for your business.   Your clients can spread the good news about you like wildfire!   If you are not using Facebook groups as a part of your marketing plan, you could be missing out on connecting with your prospects and partners on a deeper level. Watch this quick video which walks you step-by-step on how to create a group and administer the proper settings.  

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