Why You Should Focus More on Closing and Less on Selling [Video]

Posted on July 01, 2018

Ryan Stewman



When you ask someone like us salespeople what we do for a living, we say, “I work in sales” because that’s the label the industry has had for more than a century now. Sales is the byproduct of selling. When a person is selling they are doing their best to convince the other party to purchase the goods or service they can provide. Closing, on the other hand, is when the other party actually buys the product or service.

That said, don’t you think we should focus on closing more than selling?

When people used to ask me what my job was I’d say, “I’m a Closer” because that’s what I did. I didn’t work in sales; I worked on closing people on buying my stuff. The only reason I don’t say that anymore is because now I’m a business owner and CEO. I still close, but it’s not my main daily focus anymore.

I know this about words. The words you choose to use become the words your subconscious uses to define you. If you work in sales, your subconscious will have you doing a lot more selling than closing. If you say you are a closer, your subconscious will direct you to close more deals. As hokey as that sounds, it’s 100% true. Words matter, even when you don’t realize they do.

Most salespeople focus on the sales part. But the salespeople who make the most money focus on closing. They are always trying to find the direct path to closing a sale, not selling a prospect. See the difference? When you get focused on the outcome and not the process, you WILL end up making more of the situation, no matter if it’s in sales, weightlifting or anything else.

In this video, I talk about ways to focus more on closing instead of selling. I give you some specific closing skills that will lead you to more closed sales. Also, before you watch the video, one thing that has made me a millionaire and helped me close thousands of sales is that I put the “sales” part on automatic. That’s right, I’ve been letting automation do most of the selling for me, so all I have to do is show up and close. You can use PhoneSites.com to automate your lead gen and selling process, so you can focus on what you get paid to do, CLOSE!

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