Why You Should Not Use Mortgage Marketing Flyers

Posted on June 03, 2013

Ryan Stewman



Some things never go out of style and will always be effective. Mortgage marketing flyers are not one of those things. First off, we live in a digital age. Secondly, we should really be trying to save trees. Thirdly, most people just glance at them then throw them away. It’s not like yours or anyone’s clients keep a stack of mortgage flyers in some secret hiding place in case they need them for later. mortgage marketing flyers

There is a way better strategy for making digital mortgage marketing flyers. I know, I know, you probably are thinking “Well if it’s digital how are people going to see it at an open house?” Everyone in America, damn near, has a smart phone with the internet. It is just as easy to give prospects a link to a website. It doesn’t have to be your website. It can even be a social media website. Digital mortgage marketing flyers are way more effective than paper.

The best place to make digital flyers is on Pinterest. Simply take the design you would use to print on paper and upload that design to Pinterest. Only 13% of real estate shoppers cruise the streets looking at houses. Most people use the internet to find the home they want to see before contacting an Agent or LO. So why wouldn’t you be marketing your business online and in the places the majority of shoppers go to look for homes?

Now maybe you just never thought about using digital flyers. Maybe you are just not tech advanced and are not sure where to begin to do anything on Pinterest. Well good news, you can use instagram too. Basically any site that you can access and upload a photo to, you can use to market your business WAY better than with paper flyers.

I’ve made this short video for you to see how easy it is to use Pinterest to upload a flyer and share it with the online world, where most of your prospects are. 

Why You Should Not Use Mortgage Marketing Flyers

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