Why You Should Pay a Mentor Instead of Paying For College

Posted on April 04, 2017

Ryan Stewman



These days, as soon as something goes wrong in people’s lives, their go-to, dumbass thing to do, is going to college. It’s easier to get an education than it is to gain experience. Problem is, the world doesn’t give two sh*ts about your education. Corporations may hire based on a degree, but ultimately, they pay based on experience and execution. 


For the most part, a college education is a complete waste of time. 

Now look, I get it. If you want to be a doctor, engineer, attorney or something like that, then yes, you need a degree. But if you want to start a business, or work in real estate or finance, you don’t need a degree. You need someone who’ll show you what to do so you can get out there and do it. 
I take on clients every day who have a mountain in student loan debt. Do the colleges help the students make money to pay off their loans? Nope. But I do. I have to go behind all the expensive, formal education the client was taught, throw it all out and show them how money is really made.
Think about it; are any college professors millionaires from running self-funded businesses? No! They are pikers working a 9-5 for a salary. Why on earth would anyone take business advice from them? They gave up on their dreams, but they want to help you reach yours? Yeah, right!
When you hire a mentor, their job is to work hand-in-hand with you in order to help you reach your goals. They have real-world experience and their best interest is your success, not your attendance in class. 

Let’s be real, if your arrangement fails with the mentor, you can always get a $40K/year job anywhere. 

I didn’t go to college. I’ve been reading books, going to seminars and hiring mentors now for over 20 years. I have no debt and I started making money at 19 years old not 25. The ability to live debt-free and produce an income has propelled me past anyone I grew up with who has gotten a college degree.
I know people who spent 4-5 years in college who don’t even earn 6 figures annually. They spent $50K on a college education that doesn’t even earn them enough to pay it off in a timely manner. Funny thing is $50K/year jobs are all over the place. Hell, I made $40K/year washing cars. No one goes to college to learn to wash cars.
Let’s take a big look at what college has become. It’s a place for lazy people with no direction in life to get a degree in bullshit and arts. When the workplace is tough on people, they go back to college. On the outside, it looks like they are furthering their eduction, but to those of us with a brain, we know they go back to collect student loan welfare and not have to work.
A mentor will push you to take action, leave your comfort zone and get ahead in life. College is designed to teach you skills, never make you put those skills to work in real life and tell you, “It’s okay. you tried,” which is a major part of entitlement. 

Right now, the number one job slated to disappear in the future are attorneys.

Yes, attorneys. Robots are poised to replace them in the next 5-10 years. I used to think lawyers made good money until I realized most of them barely crack 6 figures annually. The majority of attorneys work for a corporation on salary. All that money invested in an education just to take an average salary. 
I know this guy who was 33 and went back to school to get his master’s degree. He’d already spent around $50K for the bachelor’s and he thought all that was missing from his life and the big paying job was a fancier degree. He spent almost 3 years and $75K in student loan debt.
At the same time, I went to a mentor and paid the mentor to teach and help me. The mentor charged me $25K which was paid out in 5 payments of $5K. I worked with the mentor for an entire year, two hours per week. 
The guy who went back to school makes $70K/year and I cleared $2M last year. Both of us are smart, good talkers and strikingly handsome (lol) but yet, I pay more in quarterly taxes than he earns all year. The difference was I sought out someone with business experience to teach me firsthand. He sought out someone to teach business with no real-world experience. 

Let’s be real about alternatives to the status quo.

The crabs in your life want to pull you into their misery of student loan debt and wasting their time. They survived it and they encourage you to suffer, too. Truth is if you start working at age 20 instead of going to school and you just save 5 percent of your income, at age 30 you could have a million dollars saved up. You’d have no debt, and you’d have been earning the entire time.
Meanwhile, the people who go to college spend 4-5 years incurring debt, not working and living off student loans. They graduate college $75K in the hole and work a job that pays less for them than the job the high school grad has put his time into and where he has moved up the ranks. 
If you work 4-5 years for a company or 4-5 years building your own company, you’re going to move up. The college grad still has to put their time in, earn small and work up. They gotta do this with a huge debt monkey on their back, while you’ve earned seniority, experience and savings. 
College will always be there. You can go back to college at any age. They will practically take anyone’s money.  It’s a chance to be debt-free, start a career or business and invest your savings. If you’re a calculated risk taker, it makes more sense to take the risk of no college versus paying off college debt.
I remember working in the mortgage world. Most of my counterparts had finance degrees. They spent years in college to earn them. But at age 22, I had a mentor who taught me the mortgage game in real time.

No one with a degree ever passed me in earnings. I went to the source; they went to the second-hand information store.

Same thing happened when I sold cars. I worked with multiple people who had degrees. They all had debt and big fancy plaques, but what they didn’t have was a paycheck the size of mine. What I didn’t have was money owed to bullshit colleges who couldn’t give AF about my success.
Like I said before, college will always be there, an opportunity to get a head start won’t be. If you’re facing the choice, choose wisely. 

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