Why You Should Turn On “Get Notifications” for Your Facebook Prospects

Posted on May 27, 2013

Ryan Stewman



If you have over 500 friends on facebook, there is no way you are seeing posts from all of your connections. On the flip side, there is also no way all of your friends are seeing your posts either. I don’t care how high you think your edge-rank is, it just ain’t happening.   get-notifications

The facebook Edge-Rank works off of three major components to connect people. One of those components is Affinity. Here is the online definition of Affinity “a : likeness based on relationship or causal connection found an affinity between the teller of a tale and the craftsman.” On facebook it simply means how often a person likes, comments or engages with another profile. So unless you consistently engage the profiles of all of your friends, you won’t see all of their activity. Matter of fact, you will see less than 5% of all activity on average. So how do you reach the other 95% of your facebook prospects

We can all agree that facebook is a great place to attract and prospect potential clients. Because of this philosophy, we have added more and more people over the years to our friends list. With new features like the Ticker and Sponsored Stories on facebook, it’s an every day battle for the front page real estate that is known as the newsfeed. But the newsfeed is totally unique to each individual user. So what you see is for your eyes only.   get-notifications  

As we connect with new people or find a reason to re-connect with an old friend we soon forget they exists. There are so many interesting and distracting posts on facebook, it’s hard to keep track of who you need to be communicating and engaging with. Facebook is fully aware of this and they got your back. You can now select “Get Notifications” from a personal profile or a fan page and you will get an alert every time that person or page posts.  

The “Get Notifications” feature is only for when a person or page updates with a new post. Most people only post on facebook once every couple of days so it’s not like you are going to get a shit ton of alerts, unless you’re following a weirdo like me. So when you connect with a new Agent or prospect be sure to select the “Get Notifications” from them so you can be sure to engage them when they post. Good clean fun ladies and gentlemen. I made this quick video for you to show you exactly how to do it.  


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