Will Instagrams New Video Feature Put Vine Out of Business?

Posted on June 24, 2013

Ryan Stewman



A while back, instagram was acquired (bought) by facebook for over a billion bucks. Last year, for an undisclosed amount, twitter acquired vine. As far as social media rivalries go, this one could top them all. While, twitter and facebook serve two different generations on social media, they are the two undeniable giants in the industry.instagram vs vine When twitter dumped money into the vine app, it took off. Vine gained a ton of support from twitter users and became easily sharable in the form of tweets. Vine’s short videos fit perfectly with twitter’s ADD vision for social media. Word traveled fast and Vine became all the rage. As more and more users tested it out and became familiar with it the more traffic slowed down on instagram, and facebook ain’t having that.  

In typical big corporation, capitalist fashion, facebook’s instagram division released a short video version awfully similar to that of vine’s. Too bad for Vine, the instagram videos are way cooler and you can even edit them using the traditional instagram settings. I’m pretty sure instagram or facebook has these image settings patented, so vine will have a really hard time coming up with a platform this cool and user friendly to compete.

So will instagrams new video feature knock vine out for the count?

Here are a few things to consider. Vine users, as most social media advocates are, are big fans and once you commit to something you will stay committed despite what’s happening around you. Most of the 25 and below demographics are on twitter. With vine and twitter being tied together, you can bet vine won’t go away without kicking and screaming. But don’t forget about instagram’s already 100 million users. It could be a fun battle to watch.instagram video  

It’s been reported that most of the younger genrations are shying away from facebook for other platforms like twitter, instagram and vine. Vine does not offer still pics. Again, this is another strong point of instagram that is probably patented and will put a choke hold on vine. While I don’t think vine will die, I see the instagram platform getting even more popular than it was before.  

Will vine stand the test of time? It may be around but you can rest assured that instagram definitely caused some butt-hurt action over at the twitter/vine hq. One thing is for sure, none of us can predict what in the hell the younger generations will pick up and run with next.

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