Will You Buy My Sh!t? Check Yes or No

Posted on May 29, 2015

Ryan Stewman



Remember sitting in 4th grade math and not staring at the blackboard, (yes, I’m old) but looking at the cute girl sitting 2-3 desks in front of you all day? Better yet, remember when you FINALLY got enough balls to send her THE note? 

Will you buy my sh!t? 

Will you go steady with me?  Check ☑Yes or ◽No
The butterflies in your stomach would flutter like hummingbirds until you got the note back and opened it.  Then, assuming the teacher didn’t confiscate the note, you’d find out if you had a girlfriend.
Now days, kids don’t pass notes.  Neither do adults.  We exchange texts.  Some with words, some with emojis, some with clothes and some without!
Text messages are the modern day schoolhouse notes.  
Remember being in class and seeing a note being passed around and it ending up coming to you?  You’d feel cool just for the fact that someone thought enough of you to send you a note.  Even if it was a “wanna hang out after school?” note from your best homeboy.
Think about how this correlates to the business world.  I say it every day: selling is like dating.  When you are dating someone you don’t call them all the time, you text them.  Smiley faced emoji laced texts. When we receive these texts we get excited.

We can use texting to enhance the whole experience for the customer.  And we can even give them that same check yes or no feeling.  The best part though, is that we can try and change their mind in the event they check no.

I’ve been saying it for years now, phone selling as we know it, is a dying platform. Much like the telegraph, phone calls will eventually be obsolete.  They waste time, drop calls and make others around us loud.
Meanwhile, email, text and chat are the busiest forms of communication globally. 
Using text to sell requires patience, talent, and like anything else, daily practice.  If you use it correctly and master it, you can become a lean mean efficient closing machine.  Hell, when you get really good at it, you can let technology sell via text for you. (just like this blog post is doing now)
Right now, my high end clients are using text to respond to cold leads they couldn’t get on the phone.  It’s generated such a high response rate, that they are no longer calling.
While the competition is missing prospects with phone calls, you can build a bond with them via text.
Once you master the art of selling through text, you’re able to slide subtle “will you buy my shit? check yes or no” texts in there with calls to action your prospects will love.  And take you up on!
People are afraid to be sold and the tone of a human voice in itself can be convincing.  Knowing this, most people prefer to be sold via text.  Why do you think email marketing is so effective?
When two people enter a sales process there is anxiety and nervousness that enters with them.  One side (the prospect) doesn’t want to get sold something they don’t want or need.  The other side (the salesman) doesn’t want to blow the sale and not get paid.
There’s a lot of stress in every sales conversation that can’t be avoided but can be eased.
Many of us salesmen rely on pressure to be a factor in the decision making process.  When using the phone we can apply that pressure effectively.  After the pressure is applied, the only follow up is the future phone calls they will avoid from you.
With text we can use pressure and massive follow up.  We can literally take our time and come up with a rebuttal for every objection there is.  Even if we don’t know the answer or how to overcome the objection, we can google it!
With text we control the time frame and pace of the conversation.
Getting someone to respond to your text is an art.  Lots of times the best art is simple art.  Also sometimes the obvious gets overlooked.  People don’t always respond to statements.
To increase your response rate with texts simply ask questions.
So now that you know the future of sales and selling, you’re going to need to put it into practice.  There is massive power in selling via text.  For example; you could be reading this 5 years from now and end up buying what I attempt to sell you in the next paragraph.

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