Without These Three Things, You Can Kiss Your Business Goodbye…

Posted on May 27, 2020

Drewbie Wilson



Do you know what they are?


These are quite possibly the most critical part of any business.


It is occurring in every industry possible, whether it is a brick & mortar location, an online store, restaurants, consulting firms, marketing agencies, or any other business model that exists.


Occurring long before the sale, you will find these three things determine your business’s ability to acquire new clients.


They are the KNOW, LIKE, and TRUST factor of your business.


What are they so important? Without them, your potential prospects will have a hard time doing business with you. Each piece is key to unlocking the prospect’s guard of spending money.

Without These Three Things, You Can Kiss Your Business Goodbye…

Your potential clients will go through each of these differently, and when you can master them, you will have the ability to acquire new clients like clockwork.

How to make sure your prospects KNOW you.

Your audience has to know you long before they can become a paying customer. This process can sometimes take weeks or months to happen. The key is staying consistent with your content and your message.


Getting to know your business happens in a myriad of ways, but you’ll want to understand that when I say “KNOW YOU.” it’s more than just being aware of your name or logo.


Your prospects need to understand you; they need to feel as if you are someone they can relate to within their life. Your business must come across as genuine. In today’s digital age, your clients can quickly search around to find out if you have been dishonest about something.


Being authentic, operating with integrity, and being honest will make that easier. You must also listen to your ideal clients and understand their lives.


What are they going through? What kind of situations do they deal with regularly? If you want your clients to feel like they know you, you’ll need to share content that resonates with what they deal with frequently. Think about the content you create and how the client will see it.

Will they feel an emotional connection?

Emotional connection is what will lead the client to LIKE you.

When it comes to liking your business, your prospect or clients will have to feel a genuine connection.  Your message will align with their core values and make them feel inspired or motivated.


They will feel good supporting your business. That might be something as small as engaging with your content on social media at first and could lead up to them being your number one customer and affiliate representative.


You wouldn’t purchase with someone you didn’t like, so make sure customer care is critical in your business. The more the prospect likes you, the better chance you have of them trusting you with their business.

Without trust, there is no relationship.

Trust is the final factor in the client/business relationship. If someone is to give you money in exchange for a service, they will need to have your utmost trust.


Trust is one of those things that your parents instilled in our minds from childhood. Without a certain level of trust, your prospects will never become paying clients.


Clients need confidence that your business will honor their word. The best way to create a level of trust is to remain consistent with your messaging and marketing practices.


Avoid messaging that comes across confusing or less than transparent. Our “BS” meters run on high alert due to the ever-increasing number of scams occurring in the world.


You want clients to feel like they can trust you as one of their closest friends or relatives. Customer testimonials, reviews, and social proof like posts tagging you on social media are a great way to create trust in your potential clients.


One of the best places to start building your know like and trust factor with clients is on social media. The key is knowing the proper steps to create an attractive online presence and authority without coming across as spammy or “sales-y.”


You can learn more about our week by week guide to building your KNOW, LIKE, and TRUST factor on social media by visiting www.jointheapex.com

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