WTF is Up with The New Facebook Slap [Ryan’s Rants]

Posted on July 06, 2012

Ryan Stewman



I remember when I first got into internet marketing. I wrote a blog post, put it on facebook, paid about $20 for google traffic and my job was done. Then this thing called the “Google Slap” happened. Then from there, we internet marketers did 1 of 2 things. We went to work for the big brands or we sought out new forms of cheap traffic. About 2009 Facebook had really become the 8000 pound Gorilla in the room. Ad costs on FB was about $.08 -$.12 a click. Recently, FB had the IPO, now the cost per click has risen faster than Jimmy Carter interest rates! This week my rant is about the “facebook slap” aint this about a bitch.


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