Wufoo surveys are a great way to get feedback from your audience

Posted on December 10, 2012

Ryan Stewman



Are you one of those people who try to sell stuff that nobody needs or wants? Do you keep choosing the wrong products to offer your connections? Wufoo surveys are a great way to get feedback from your audience.   Wufoo offers FREE survey building tools that will allow you to email, embed or post a unique survey that you create from scratch. They are super easy to create and also make super effective lead capture tools.    

How to use Wufoo in your biz

To effectively use wufoo to it’s fullest extent you have to put your thinking cap on. A survey is no different than any other form of sales questioning. The key to discovering what your audience wants, lies in the questions you ask on the survey. When I use wufoo, most of the questions I ask are in the multiple choice category. I try to always leave an “Other” choice that is blank so they can fill in their own answer if needed.  

Once you have created the perfect survey, the next step is to get people to fill it out.

If you have an email list, that is the perfect place to get started. I recommend sending your first survey to only a portion of your list. This way if no one answers it or you get low turn out, you can make adjustments before you mail it out to everyone.   Wufoo also provides you with a unique URL link that you can post on your social media outlets. Wufoo offers a regular URL as well as an easy to remember link that you can post anywhere. The easy to remember link is perfect for facebook, google+ and twitter.  


You can also send that same link out to your linkedin connections. Using the linkedin messaging system, you can send a wufoo survey out to different segments of your connections, sorting your connections by workplace is a great way to target industry specific people on linkedin. This feature can make your surveying/lead generating laser targeted.  

My favorite way to use wufoo is at the end of a blog post like you see below. Wufoo offers the embed code for each survey. If you have a blog, this allows readers to take a survey right there on the blog post. You can actually embed it into its own webpage as well. The possibilities are endless, get creative.    

The bottom line is, surveys are a great way to get feedback from the same people you want to sell stuff too. The best way to sell anything is to find out what someone wants, then sell it to them. No need to force sell anymore. Find out what they want, create a survey around it, get survey feedback, act accordingly.   I’ve made this quick video to demonstrate how easy it is to create a form using wufoo. Enjoy the video, take action and create a wufoo form and tell a friend about this blog!  


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