You CAN Keep a Good Man Down

Posted on April 30, 2020

Ryan Stewman



We all know the saying “you can’t keep a good man down,” although it sounds good and even has good intentions, it’s absolute bullshit.


See, good men are born, but great women and men are made.


Everyone you ask will say they want to do more, have more, and be more. Yet when push comes to shove, and good people are confronted with what it actually takes to get there, good people will make excuses.


It’s the HABITS we form that truly separates the good from the great.

You CAN Keep a Good Man Down

I want to share FIVE areas you can investigate and see if you’re willing to do what it takes to actually become excellent.


I’ve never met someone great who didn’t have an extraordinary work ethic. The gap between effective work versus busy work is the ability to see what produces results and work that is self-indulgent.


Going to the gym and talking to others in their spandex doesn’t make muscles grow. Going to the gym and working out WILL make muscles grow. Going to the gym and executing the plan will create results you could never imagine.


Discipline is most likely the hardest of all habits to maintain. That’s why it’s called “disciple.” Once you determine to have the GRIT to work. Learning where to apply it is where GREAT results begin to form.


There are four areas when focused on, real balance comes into your life. They are your mindset, your work, your body, and those you keep in your inner circle. Creating daily habits and STICKING to them where you cover each of these is THE path to greatness.


I urge you NOT to look past this thinking it too simple. It’s the simple things followed daily that ALL great men and women know as their secret weapon.


A fancy-sounding word for giving a damn beyond yourself. Every champion I know has an innate desire to pass along what works for themselves and to be surrounded by others who do too. Learning to truly become selfless is one of the highest forms of Apex humans.


You know it’s true…and once you have the work ethic and the discipline to regulate yourself, it becomes an automatic urge to share it with others who are struggling. When you give, you receive…often MORE than what you gave.


The number one habit of truly Great people is the ability to focus on a singularity of purpose. Somehow, after the grit, discipline, and an ability to look beyond your own self-interest, there comes an ability to have a REAL belief in yourself.


A lot like sharpening your ax…if you had 1 hour to cut down a tree, you could whack away at it for 60 minutes, or spend 55 minutes sharpening it and 5 minutes of focused effort. Learn how to focus without distraction on the REAL goal at hand.


Finally, we’ve all heard the saying, “if you want to run fast, run alone…if you want to run far, run together.” Indeed Great people ALWAYS seem to have a circle of influencers surrounding them that think and act the same as they do.


I promise you it isn’t an accident, and it remains intentional. I saved this one for last because it’s the previous 4 habits that really allow you to leverage the community you intentionally set around you. When you can apply to your life an excellent work ethic, self-discipline, a selfless spirit, and hyper-focus, you are ready to run with winners.


For me, I have always gravitated toward winners…yet, in the past, when I wasn’t applying myself, I found I didn’t hang with them for long.


I used to blame them, but the truth is I only had enough gas in the tank to go 75%. Yet, even once I decided to go 100% in, I found that the RIGHT group of people would continue to encourage me, pick me up, and run with me again.


Why? Simple, Great knows Great.


See, you CAN keep a good man down…but you’ll NEVER keep a great one from becoming GREAT.


Great people are created, not born…and all it really takes is for you to make 1 GREAT decision to move into the fast lane.


Are you ready to see how GREAT you can truly be?


Come join us and see if you’re ready to begin…

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