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Posted on November 06, 2012

Ryan Stewman



A few days ago I was surfing the web (go figure) and I came across a really interesting story about a lucky Bulgarian man who actually bought 1.1 million facebook emails online. He bought them through a website called “gigbucks”. Apparently he purchased a 1.1 million email list for $5.

Holy shit $5! Now 1.1 million email addresses sounds like a lot to you and me. When you think about it, facebook has over 1 billion accounts. That means they have at least 1 billion emails. After putting it into that perspective 1.1 million emails is a drop in the bucket for facebook. Still, for you and I, that list would have been gold! Apparently facebook contacted the guy and tried to get him to “swear to secrecy” and told him not to tell anyone. Thank God for social media! He did the exact opposite hahah. Almost immediately he blogged and posted on facebook about the call. Posting on facebook was probably not the best idea since his account was 100% FOR SURE being monitored. It’s been a pretty big ordeal. After reading the article, I immediately jumped online and went to It looks almost exactly like fivver. [If you recall, I did a post a few months ago on fivver.] The main difference between gigbucks and fiverr is that gigbucks will allow sellers to charge up to $50 for services and products. Fiverr is always and only $5.

With further review, I have to give the site two thumbs up. I paid $10 for a couple of simple services and I actually converted some of the traffic. *results not typical* There area many effective ways you can uses gigbucks to generate leads. It’s actually a cool site to use. You can see the seller feedback and ratings up front, so you know if you are dealing with a good gig provider or not. If you are looking for sources of cheap online traffic, seo services, tons of social media gigs or graphic design, I highly recommend you take a look at gigbucks. It is still a fairly unknown website which allows you to still get premium choice of the gigs with out over paying. There are a couple of things you must have in order for you to actually get a lead from the traffic you buy on gigbucks. Thing #1: You must have a SUPER COOL PRODUCT. If your product sucks all of the traffic in the world won’t be worth a shit. If you know, right now, 100%, for a fact that your product is super cool, then we are ready to go on to thing #2. Thing #2: You must convey your online sales pitch clearly. Now I could go on and on about this forever, but I will leave you with this; Make sure you are clearly demonstrating the benefit of your product to where even a moron knows what they will get once the “take action”. I’ve seen too many people attempt to convert online traffic but all they do is confuse a shit ton of people as to WTF they were on that site for. Don’t ever assume internet shoppers will just “get it” be clear and to the point. As long as you obey these two things, you should be able to reap major benefits from all that gigbucks can provide. If you happen to get a 1.1 million email list, make sure you hit me up and share ;-) Just kidding spam sucks! I made this video to give you a look at what gigbucks has to offer enjoy:

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