You Don’t Need a Sign to Find Success. You Need the Drive

Posted on August 16, 2018

Ryan Stewman



If you’re looking for a sign, this is it. 

You don’t need my permission or anyone else’s to be successful. You just need to love yourself enough to do the work and keep the reward. 

We spend our entire lives looking for a sign. 

A sign we should start our own business… 
A sign we should do something big… 
A sign we should chase our dreams… 
A sign we should take the risk… 

You don’t need a sign; you need the drive. Drive lives in us internally so there’s no external sign that will signal your drive to kick in. 

Your sign is that you’re alive.

The very fact that you’re a living, breathing human being is a sign you’re supposed to do something great. 

You’ve had your sign all along. 
So, what’s the holdup?

For most people, it’s the doubt, hidden inside. The one that makes you think you don’t deserve your dreams

Maybe it’s that candy you stole as a kid… 
Maybe it’s what your parents told you… 
Maybe it’s the drugs and sex you had in college… 

Whatever it is, something subconsciously keeps most people from getting and keeping what they really want in life. 

The sign shows up all around them but they refuse to pay attention to it because they don’t believe they deserve it. 

Well, good news. 

You do deserve it. 
You should have it all. 
You earned it. 
You were put here to get it. 

I went through the same thing. Because of my sordid past, I didn’t think I deserved shit in life. Therefore, I never worked for it. But one day I said “fuck it” and despite my subconscious, I went to work chasing my dreams. 

The sign pointed to where I am now. 

When I didn’t follow the sign, my life was miserable and I hated myself. When I followed the sign, it pointed me to where I am now. 

My job. 
My family 
My wife 
My house 
My cars 

They are all mine now because I followed the sign. 

Your sign is here. It’s time for you to follow it and get what you were put on this planet to get. 

You DO deserve it all. Now go get it.

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