You Get Paid To Close Not To Sell

Posted on December 09, 2020

Ryan Stewman



Selling is telling. If you’re selling you’re not closing. Sadly, most folks in our industry don’t know the difference. I’m gonna take this opportunity to sort you out and get you in CLOSER mode, not sales mode.

Anyone can be a salesman. It’s a job title that’s handed out like candy on Halloween. Most people covet that title and I agree it’s a good one, but not the best. The best title you can have while working in sales is CLOSER. This insinuates you don’t just sell, you close.

There are broke ass salespeople all around us.

There’s not a starving Closer in the world. Sure, there are some people who think they are Closers, who are starving, but you and I know Closers get fed, because Closers make bread!

Average salespeople think talking a good game is closing. They swear by scripts, wordtracks, and fancy sales cliches. I’ve seen more salespeople talk their way out of a sale than talk their way into it.

It only takes 2 (learned) personality traits to be good at Closing sales.


The first thing is Empathy. I’m not talking about that Gary Vee shit he’s always interrupting people with. By the way, sidenote, interrupting someone is about the most unempathetic thing you can do.

In order to establish empathy with a prospect, you must listen. You being empathetic to them is not enough, they must KNOW you have empathy. Empathy simply means you understand their situation. In order to understand them, you must listen to them. Talking ONLY when you ask questions.

The second thing you need is confidence. Confidence comes from experience and product knowledge. If you know what you product can do and you know it’s the right choice, you will close sales with ease.

You also need the confidence NOT to have to be talking and the center of attention throughout the entire sales process. It’s not about you or your product, it’s about the prospect’s needs and their solution.

Selling insinuates you’re doing the exact opposite of the two traits I explained above. Selling is all about attention, being the product yourself, and talking a good game.

Closing insinuates you know how to see things to the end. The end of a sale is when the prospect pays. They are no longer a prospect at that point, they are a client/customer. You saw them to the end of the sales cycle.

Remember, you can open up and talk to as many people as possible and not close sales. Closing is about getting to the end of the sales cycle and processing a payment. That’s how you get paid.

You get paid to close, not to sell. Act accordingly.

Rise Above 👊🏾

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