You Know Too Much To Win

Posted on May 12, 2020

Ryan Stewman



I’m getting ready to ask you a question. Before I do, I want you to prepare to take a moment and really imagine what I’m about to ask.


How would your life look if next year this time, everything you dreamed of came true?


What if you had that “Midas” touch, and what if you knew that as long as you could think it, you could make it? If I were a betting man, I’d say you’d start thinking bigger…I’d BET you’d FIRST set yourself up so that you’d NEVER want for anything again. Money, Toys, the Hot dude or dudette, Property, Food, etc…


Then, I’d place a substantial bet that you’d then turn your attention to some pretty amazing experiences. Of course, you’d want your best buds to come with you, for sure. All of you would get on a private jet, bypassing the crowds, and day trip your way to exotic locations and once in a lifetime memories.


The funny thing is, right now…that’s just a dream for you. But maybe, just maybe, you’re one of the few who’s willing to do what it takes to make YOUR dreams a reality.


If so, I’d also wager that you’ve come against that granite wall of “NO.” You know the one. The one where you really wanted something, tried with all you had, and weren’t just denied…you were bitch slapped back into reality. It didn’t just hurt, did it? It left a damn mark…

You Know Too Much To Win

That mark has its legacy too. It’s a reminder that when you fly too close to the sun, you can crash and burn. That “mark” matured your ass a little, didn’t it? It let you know there are REAL consequences to “going for it.” It let you know that you CAN’T have everything or anything you want. Or did it?


Have you ever watched a fly that has a life and death struggle with a windowpane? Seriously, it’s burning the last of its short life out furiously trying to do ONE thing…and it isn’t what you think. The one thing isn’t freedom…


The one thing is Trying Harder.


See, if the one thing was freedom, the fly would simply turn around and fly out the open door. Sadly, the fly sees “freedom” through the glass, and it KNOWS it wants what’s on the other side. The lesson for you and me is trying harder WHILE doing the wrong thing won’t ever work.

The truth is you don’t have to be content with things improving incrementally or gradually. To do so, you have to be willing to let go of the way you look at many, if not most things. Yes, it can be scary, but not nearly as frightening as living with regret.


See, there’s one more thing I’m willing to go “all-in on”…one thing that I’ll bet you on, and it’s YOU.


You already have the answers inside you. 


You already know what you’re NOT willing to let go to have the life you dream of. The chances you won’t take and the promises of mediocrity you won’t break. You might not have the “how,” but you definitely have the “why”…no one else can give you that.


It’s up to you to fan the flame of that why until you don’t accept anything less than what you really want in life. I’m not here to tell you what that is…that’s on you.


When you’re ready, though…we can show you how to get it. Come check out Apex Entourage. We’re a group of people who are helping each other win.


Win with mindset, win in business, win with health, and win with family and friends. We are a group of people who #dothework of living our most elite lives.


We’re a group of people who help each other reach levels of success that others only dream about. So let go of what you know…come learn what you don’t.


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