You Need a Sales System Now… Here’s Why [Video]

Posted on February 17, 2020

Ryan Stewman



I’ve seen great and talented salespeople fall for one trick more times than I’ve wanted to.

The salesperson gets great at sales, crushes all their goals and earns a “promotion” into management. (Which is corporate’s way of killing your paycheck.) Remember, rarely does management pay more than sales.

Aside from that, when a salesperson takes the “promotion” they can’t seem to get any of their employees to do what they could.

So they quit!

They fail at management, which oftentimes, makes them quit their job, and travel down a path of self-destruction. If it hasn’t happened to you, congrats. It’s happened to countless others.

We’ve seen a lot of fine salespeople die as casualties of management.

The reason it’s hard to train new salespeople when you get promoted to management is that most salespeople never create a system for how they sell.

But most of us say the same things every time we get an at-bat on a prospect. It’s just that you probably haven’t drawn an outline of the process you use to close prospects.

When you have a system, you can duplicate it with the people you hire. Even if you don’t get promoted to management, as you scale your team it’s easier and faster with a system.

Here’s a video I made outlining my system and yes, you can use it, too. If you want more insider pieces of training like this, be sure to apply to be one of our Apex leaders at

You Need a Sales System Now… Here’s Why

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