You Only Get One Shot to Make a BIG First Impression on Facebook

Posted on January 28, 2013

Ryan Stewman



facebook about sectionIt’s amazing to me how many people do not have the “about” section on their Facebook profile filled out correctly. When a new person, i.e., a potential client or connection, hits your page for the very first time, they immediately take a look at the “about” section right under your Facebook profile picture. That small box sums you up in less than 30 words.   We all know there are billions of dollars changing hands all over Facebook. Honestly, I don’t know the numbers, but it wouldn’t surprise me if there were more business done on Facebook than on LinkedIn. With that in mind, why wouldn’t you want your “about” section to POP OUT and grab your new visitors’ attention and draw them in to read more about you?  

For those of you that already do this, double check to make sure your work history and your company’s business page are linked. Once someone is there to know more about you if they click on your work page and see it’s a “blank” page, it’s not a good first impression.   There are more than double the amount of people on Facebook than are on LinkedIn. Many of us have these detailed LinkedIn “about me” sections but terrible looking Facebook “about” sections. If there is twice the traffic on facebook, then why not be sure to put twice the effort into making that first impression on Facebook?

facebook profile set up It’s 2013 and the game has not changed, it’s merely on!

If you don’t get ahead of the competition or at the very least, catch up to your competition, you will not only get left behind, you will go out of business. I watched an episode of “48 hours” yesterday where these random ladies tracked down a killer and had all this evidence, just by using Facebook. If you don’t think your friends and clients are looking you up on there from time to time, you are mistaken.   You should always keep your house clean when you are popular because you never know who will stop by. So, if you are popular or trying to be popular on Facebook, you better keep your profile in top shape.  

 You don’t have to do a bunch of work; just make sure you fill in all the blanks and that your job history links to the right pages. If you use or plan on using Facebook to prospect for leads and clients, then you need to be sure they can “get to know you” the right way before they click away, forever missing the opportunity to give you their money. Here are the 3 sections that MUST be filled out properly on Facebook if you want to look like you are competent.

  • The most important: You must have your “works at” section linked up correctly. The days of catchy titles that lead to blank pages are over. Have your real work history go to either your business page or to your fan page. If your business does not have a page, shame on them/you. Go make one right now.
  • The second most important: The “about you” section on your profile should have not only personal stuff but business achievements and what you are good/bad at as well. This is the one shot you get to connect with a new visitor when they are trying to see who you are and what you do. That’s what we Americans do; we ask who you are and what you do. Make sure you address both these questions clearly in your “about you” section.
  • Last but not least important: Where you live is key. It does not matter where you live but it matters that you live somewhere. People want to know where you are from so they can try to connect with your roots somehow in their own way and mind. Be sure to fill this section out. Even if you live in La Jolla but list your residence as San Diego, that’s cool because it shows you live somewhere. No one gives business deals to the homeless.

There you have it. I’ve given You enough reasons why and removed all the reasons why not. So, go fix your profile and have the answers ready when new visitors show up with questions about you. In my last three years as an online marketer, I’ve learned that simplicity is the key. You don’t need a bunch of fancy sites or crazy web traffic schemes to make money. You only need clarity and advice from an expert who has been there and done it before. I’ve run the experiments to gain the experience to become the expert I am today. Fill out the form below and let’s talk. Let my experience be your advantage.  

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