You Should Focus On The Problems And Not The Commissions, Here’s Why…

Posted on June 17, 2020

Drewbie Wilson



Have you ever dealt with a pushy salesman?


You know the kind that never gives up and chases you around the store like a lost puppy. We’ve all seen them, and most of us avoid them like the plague.


It’s part of the reason more, and more people shop online these days. Most consumers want to get in and out with as little human interaction as possible.


What does that mean for your business or career in sales? You need to understand how to build a strong connection with your prospects.


What does a strong connection consist of, and where does it begin?


A strong connection with your client begins the moment you start the conversation.


Think about your situation and the most common ways you handle prospects.

You Should Focus On The Problems And Not The Commissions, Here’s Why…

Are they inbound leads, outbound calls, or “ups” who come in through the doors of your brick and mortar location?


Each is going to have a different approach, but in the end, the goal is always the same.


Find out what your potential customer is struggling with and offer them the shortest, most painless route to the solution.

The client cares about one thing and one thing only, getting their problem solved, and get it solved ASAP.

When you get engaged with a customer, you need to find the shortest route to diagnosing their problems.  In our business, we primarily take inbound leads, so we go through a series of specific questions designed to give us the answers we need to formulate a solution.


When I was cold calling for insurance, we knew that most of our prospect’s concerns came around their happiness with the current insurance policy, mostly the amount they were paying.


We designed a script involving more of a customer survey vibe and then, when completed, asked a serious of questions that the prospect would say “yes” to before asking them if they’d like an opportunity to solve their pain points today?


Structure your processes for each lead opportunity in a way that you and your sales staff stay consistent. Do the same thing every time so you can see what’s working and what’s not.


Then narrow down and focus on what works to make prospects open up. Everyone you speak with has a problem that needs to be solved.


Becoming a problem-solver will cause your income level to rise dramatically.

Commission Breath is a real thing.

If your prospect even gets the slightest hint, you could be in big trouble. Do yourself and your clients a favor by cleaning up and being ready to serve them.


The harder you push or the sale, the more your sales hygiene is going to matter.


So unless you want to run the prospect off by breathing down their neck and pressuring them to make a purchase they’re not comfortable with, you should probably take a few steps back and find out what they are struggling with, so you can offer a new solution.


Being solution-oriented and asking questions of your prospect will give you an edge on every other competitor. Get to know your product or service inside and out.


Study the competition and find out how you are better/worse and then be ready to handle client objections.


When you can handle objections with confidence while showing your customer empathy, you will see a massive increase in your closing ratio. The more your closing ratio rises, so will the deposits in your account on payday.


If you want to secrets to being a better problem solver and generating a massive amount of authority in your market so that you can become the GO-TO person for your industry, you need to check out right away.

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