You’ll Never Make Sales If You Never Make Offers They Can’t Refuse

Posted on August 21, 2014

Ryan Stewman



The assumptive close will fuck you almost every time. If you assume the business and expect your prospect to ask you to become a client, you are living in a dream world where closed sales don’t exist.    

The #1 reason salesmen can’t close is they don’t ask for the business. You have to make an offer in order to come to a deal. Without an offer to do business, there is no business done. How can they know what to buy if you don’t present them with an offer to do so?  

Seems like common sense but I shit you not, I see motherfuckers fail at it every day. It all stems from lack of confidence in what they are selling. If you don’t wholeheartedly believe in what you are selling, you can never reach pinnacle success selling it. If the sales force doesn’t have faith in the product, neither will the marketplace.  

It’s been my experience that salespeople give the prospect too much credit for intelligence. Salesmen think the prospect knows the process, costs, lingo, and everything else. Truth is in order to close over ALL objections, you have to treat each prospect like a blank slate and fully inform them of every detail as if they are 5 years old. It’s only then, when they are 100% fully informed, that you can make a strong offer. Most salespeople rush through this process and ultimately blow the sale.  

Even if you are good enough to have prospects occasionally asking to become a client, how many more are you missing by not offering them your help? Trust me, you’re missing more than you’re not.  

It’s like going on dates with women. You can’t be at a bar chillin’ and a random hot girl walk up to you and ask you out on a date. (Unless you’re my friend Keith Moses. That handsome fucker) If you’re going to get a date with the hot chick, you’re going to have to approach her and make her to offer to go out with you. She’s not going to invite herself to join you in a place she doesn’t even know you’re going to. (Again, unless you’re Keith. That fucker!)  

There are several ways to make a strong offer to a potential prospect. I could write the world’s longest blog post elaborating on all of them. Instead what I’ve done is broken it down to three key steps to present an offer to the marketplace that they can’t refuse.  

Step 1: Create an Irresistible Offer In order for you to present a strong offer, you have to know what the fuck you are going to offer. Many salespeople fail here because they’re too busy selling to design an offer that may sell itself. Lots of sales folk try to work angles instead of just creating the perfect offer.   There are two components of an irresistible offer:  

Component one: The perfect customer If you’re going to design an offer, you’re going to need to get really clear on who that offer is best suited for. Without the perfect customer in mind to take the offer, you’ll never know the true power of the offer.  

Component two: The perfect solution Now that you know who is best served by what you have/do, you can now offer them the perfect solution the the problem. Sales is all about problem solving. If you are in tune with who your perfect client is, you’re in tune with what their BIG ASS PROBLEM is and how your shit solves it.  

Here is the simple formula I use for creating an irresistible offer. “How to give the client ‘X’ (what they want) without them having to do ‘Y’ (what they don’t want)” Once you’re dialed in on these two things and you can put them into a 1-2 sentence pitch, you’ve got the irresistible offer you need.  

Step 2: Deliver Offer To The Marketplace Once you have your offer dialed in and perfected, the next step is to get the offer in front of eyes with money to buy your shit. You could have the best offer in the world for millions of people, but if no one sees or knows about it, you won’t sell shit.  

It’s your job as a salesman to pitch your product. It’s also your job as a marketer to get people in front of you to pitch. There are several strategies you can use to get your offer out the public. It’s just a matter of being in tune with your prospect and targeting the correct demographics.  

You can use Facebook, Facebook ads, Adwords, direct mail, email blasts and any other ad platform out there but if you don’t select the right demo for the right offer, your shit will never sell. Since you took the time to do step one and you know your perfect customer, you need to use any way you can to get your offer in front of their eyes.  

Step 3: Deliver Offer On Autopilot Once you’ve got your pitch and offer down pat, you can use places like blogs, videos, social media and sales pages to automate it. My offers are on autopilot 24 hours a day for me online. My video offers generate fresh leads for me daily.  

Putting your offer on digital media is like hiring a salesman to pitch for you for free to anyone who comes within 5 feet of him. It’s a true duplication of you. It’s you pitching at your best any time someone is poised in a spot to hear it.  

Once you learn to leverage media instead of doing 100% of the work over and over again, you gain freedom. Freedom away from pitching and freedom to create and perfect other offers. You’re able to find other problems your prospects face and figure out ways that what you provide can solve them.  

If you’ve never created an offer, I suggest you create one right now. Not today. Not tomorrow. Right fucking now. If you have no clue who your perfect customer is, you’re in trouble too. It’s no wonder your sales might be slippin’, you’re not even dialed in to who can buy your shit.  

If you want my personal help, fill out the application, let’s talk and we shall see if we are a fit to work together. I only work with badasses so don’t waste my time.

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