Your Comfort Zone ISN’T Comfortable

Posted on July 28, 2020

Ryan Stewman



Do you know that story about “How to Boil a Frog”? 


The idea is if you slowly raise the temperature of the water the frog is sitting in, it’ll happily stay there until it becomes frog stew. 


The point is that it’s essential to understand that problematic situations will continue to grow until eventually, there’s no turning back…you’re stuck…screwed…boiled alive.


It’s a great concept, so why are so many people “frogs” slowly boiling in the water?


Well, I can tell you a lot has to do with assumptions. For instance, most of us think that it’s the boiling water that kills the frog.


The truth is the frog cannot get out of the water once it knows it’s screwed. See, the frog, like us, can adjust its body temperature to the increase in temperature. 


By the time the frog realizes the situation is unbearable and tries to jump out, it physically can’t. It’s spent all its energy adjusting to the temperature.

Your Comfort Zone ISN’T Comfortable

For us, it’s the same thing, the assumption that a calamity is THE killer. 


The truth is it’s the complacency of “good enough,” immediate gratification, and putting off until tomorrow what could and should be done today. 


How about we get some clarity on that?


Your habits define you. 


You say you want money, but you haven’t created habits that produce money or allow you to keep it. 


Everyone in the world is running around looking for a “hack” or a shortcut to wealth.  


Very few consider that the fundamentals for making and keeping your money have been around since people started saying “mine.” 


It’s incredible to see people invest more damn energy into finding lazy-ass ways to get around the system instead of using common sense and foundational principles to make, save, and grow.


What are some of the habits you can instill that you can count on 100% of the time?

Don’t Fall For The Hype Of Coveting Shit, And I Mean Anything

Lusting after “stuff” is like going to a whorehouse and thinking she’s into you. 


It’s her job, man…get real. 


There’s nothing wrong with stuff either. Houses, cars, toys, clothes…it’s all good, and it’s all yours to have, once you learn that it’s who you become in the process of attaining it that’s the real gold anyway.


Ya’ know, it’s the whole, “bring a man a fish and he’ll eat a meal, teach a man to fish, and he’ll eat for life” situation. 


Getting rid of lusting over things gives you more clarity on WHY you want them to begin with, which leads to ultimate clarity on HOW to do it, repeat it, and scale it.

Have You Ever Taken Time To Consider That Your Dreams Are Too Small? 

The assumption here is that we are dreaming big. The truth is that almost all of us dream inside of our comfort zones. 


The easiest way to find out is to hang out with people who dream AND accomplish on a higher level than you do. Just being around them will stir feelings of possibility and discomfort, all at the same time. 


Committing yourself to the idea that you can dream bigger is the first step, taking quiet time to really engage your thoughts on paper is the second.


I challenge you to invest 20 minutes of writing down on paper the words, “what I really want is…” 


Let whatever comes to mind flow on paper.

Commit Yourself To Know You’re Going To Fail

Just fail fast! 


Understanding that you aren’t going to get everything right, especially at first, is the easiest way to do uncomfortable things. 


Fear is one of those tricky motivators that keep us inside our comfort zones. Being committed to seeing the process through starts with knowing it’s okay to fall down…just choose to never stop getting back up. 


You’ll never fail PERMANENTLY. Sounds simple…and it is, just don’t mistake simple for easy.


The bottom line is that most of us operate well inside our “comfort zones”…and we think we’re comfortable there too.


Secretly, you know you aren’t. Instead of doing the necessary work of living a life of significance, we delude ourselves into pursuing things that have the appearance of significance instead. 


Sometimes, it takes people their entire lives to “accomplish” or get what they’re seeking…only to find out that it means nothing to them in the end.


No matter how good it feels, your comfort zone is the breeding ground for mediocrity no matter how impressive its size. 


You can feel good or be good…learning to commit to who you are genuinely intended to be may not be comfortable, but it sure the hell beats being “frog stew.”


See ya’ in the trenches!

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