Your Competitor’s Bad Reviews Are Your Red Hot Leads

Posted on March 24, 2020

Ryan Stewman



I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again “you don’t have to be good at selling to make FU money in sales.”


To make FU money in sales you need leads.


Leads are the lifeblood of sales. which is crazy because 90% of people who work in sales have no lead gen skills.


The path to wealth via sales is paved with leads.


Those who work in sales and can generate their own leads are the most powerful people in sales. Think about it. If you can track down and close your own deals, any company would be stupid not to hire you.


Plus the reality is, if you can get your own leads and close your own sales, you shouldn’t work in sales you should own a business. But that’s a whole other blog post for another day.

I understand most sales pros struggle to get leads. That’s why cold calling and door knocking are the go-to lead gen strategy for most sales pros.


Getting red hot leads doesn’t have to be hard.


Another reason why sales pros still rely heavily on old school lead gen tactics is that they don’t think outside the box.


Salespeople solve problems by profession. Yet oftentimes we don’t solve our own personal problems. Like lack of leads.


Your Competitor’s Bad Reviews Are Your Red Hot Leads


Ima give you the easiest place on the internet to find smoking hot leads who want to buy your products. Literally, there’s no better lead source on the planet. And it’s financed and funded by your competitors.


I’m talking about online reviews!


Your competitor’s bad reviews are red hot leads. They want the product, they don’t like your competition and it’s easy to find them online. These are leads who need what you sell and are mad they didn’t buy it.


I discovered this last December. I had a car dealer do my wife wrong so I left a 1 Star review online for them. Their competition called me and in 2 days I had spent $120k on a new Range Rover with them.


The crazy part is the place I left a 1 Star review for never even contacted me. I still needed a car and I was a laydown sale for the competitor that called me.


You gotta be on top of it in real-time though. If you let a bad review go old you’ll miss out on the lead. let me lay down a simple routine you can use to stay on this.


Go to Google and search for your competition. Open another tab and start an online word document. Open another tab and find your competition on Facebook.


Pull up their reviews on google and copy the URL link to the word document. Then do this on Facebook too. Save the links so you can easily go back without having to search again.


Set an alarm on your phone for 5pm every day. Before you leave work, open the word doc, click the links and look for new bad reviews.


Every day you make it a part of your routine to check those URLs daily.


Also, go to Google Alerts and set a notification for your competitor’s name. Set up emails for “as it happens” so any time they are mentioned online you are notified. This keeps you on top of anyone who mentions your competition.


This process isn’t rocket science but it can make you a shit load of money. Let say you have 5 competitors in your territory. They surely ain’t watching you like this. Within a year or so you can grab some serious market share using this process.


Now you have a source and a system for generating smoking hot leads from your competitors fuck ups. You win. The client wins. The competition loses.


If you’re looking for innovative ways like this to get leads, sign up for PhoneSites and my team will get you trained on how to be a lead generating, badass, power closer. Get a free trial at

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