Your Lack Of Commitment Is An Insult To Those Who Believe In You

Posted on January 25, 2021

Drewbie Wilson



It happens far too often.

You tell someone closest to you about your big dreams or goals, and they tell you how excited they are for you. How they believe in you and what you’re trying to achieve. You go out and start working towards those goals with a fiery vigor. You start waking up earlier, working later, and giving it that extra push to reach your goals.

Then a few weeks later, you let the force of average show up and distract you. You start making excuses about why you didn’t do the work. Suddenly everything that you were working towards begins to fade out in the distance like a dying candle.

What happened?

You stopped being committed to the goal.

When you stopped doing the work and started falling back on old, bad habits, you basically slapped that person whom you told your goals in the face. At least, that’s probably how they feel about it.

So many entrepreneurs go through this process. They come up with exquisite ideas and plans and run off to tell everyone they know about them. The people they tell get excited. They give their time, money, and energy to the cause of believing in you to achieve said goals. So when you stop going towards that big goal, how are they supposed to feel?

How would you feel?

Think back to a time that you were on the receiving end of this situation, a time when you believed in someone’s words and then were let down by their actions, or lack thereof. It hurts. You start to wonder why you invested time and energy into this person and their situation at all.

Staying committed is the only way to avoid this situation altogether.


Unless you have absolutely no reason to continue moving towards your goals, you should be doing everything in your power to reach them. Sometimes in life, the things you REALLY want are just on the other side of the small tedious tasks you’ve been neglecting. It’s typically these little tasks and daily routines that begin to fall behind, and when that happens, the majority of individuals stop doing the work altogether. It’s just easier to quit than it would be to continue pressing onward.

Here are a few simple things you can implement in your life to make sure that you stay committed to your goals and avoid insulting the people who believe in you.

1 – Setting up a routine or schedule and sticking to it religiously.

When you let the calendar become your ultimate boss, you can get far more done than most normal individuals. By getting more done throughout the day, you reduce the risk of overwhelm. Having a calendar in place helps you remain focused on what the daily non-negotiables are. Your goals and the steps needed to reach them should be considered non-negotiable.

2 – Having a specific WHY for your goals.

Many people who set goals typically have a couple of reasons on why they want to reach them. In this case, it’s better to have one specific WHY instead of a handful of them with less significance. Whatever your why is, it is totally up to you. But make it something that sticks and brings out a strong emotional response when you think about not reaching said goals—the more substantial your why the more likely you are to remain committed to reaching your goal.

3 – Have an accountability partner.

Having someone who is on a similar mission or path to you can be extremely valuable. When someone else is attempting to reach the same goals, it’s easier to stay accountable. Again the whole point is that you are trying not to let the other person down. Commitment requires you to show up on the days you don’t feel like it. Your accountability partner will be the one to call you out when you don’t give it your all.

There you have it. Three simple ways to remain committed and avoid insulting the people who believe in you. Not sure how to create a better routine in your life? Are you struggling to find your why? Would you like to be surrounded by like-minded, success-driven individuals who will hold you accountable?

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