You’re Not Here to Be Average

Posted on October 20, 2020

Ryan Stewman



All my life, I have never considered myself average…
Hell, my motto forever was “Maximum Effort!”
After my teenage years of being gifted in some things, I learned the hard way of what “average effort” gives me. A stomach full of cramps and a head full of regret.

You know, there’s nothing like being unprepared for a test by not studying correctly beforehand. I actually used to have nightmares about it where I was in the middle of the test knowing full well I had ZERO ability to win.

It got so bad for a while that I actually tried really hard “fitting in” with people who didn’t have the same goals I did in life. Over time, they kicked me to the curb as hard as those who consistently practiced living in excellence.

I remember the time I came home and told my parents I was solicited to be a model. My stepmom said I was good looking, just maybe NOT that good looking.
At the time, I was butthurt…I mean, I didn’t go looking for it, so maybe I was “model-worthy”.
Well…she was right, ahem…but I still look back on the attitude I took that day she said, “no.”

I really don’t like people saying “no.” to me. I love learning from others, I love being given advice, and I even can take constructive criticism better than most…, but I HATE being told what to do.

Well, if we’re going to live in a world where we are our own bosses, and we aim to WIN…we have to set up some rules for propelling ourselves past average; otherwise, the whole world will be our boss…trust me, giving it 95% effort is the same as 50%, you shouldn’t even bother.

#1. Burn the ships-
If you’re going to go into business for yourself, it’s going to require you to be MORE than you think. Be prepared by having a mindset that you have NO OTHER OPTIONS. This helps you remain consistent when you’re mind is begging you to stop.

#2. Set your vision-
Ever heard that without vision, the people perish? If your dream is like a flashlight, how far and wide does that beam shine? Would you prefer to invest your money with someone who has a definite plan or with someone who’s still figuring out whether their idea is what they really want to commit to?

#3. Set your foundation-
What principles or values do you stand for? Without knowing the core values you hold dear, you’re susceptible to employees, vendors, and clients who are NOT whom you serve best. When you know your values, it’s a measure for everyone you allow into your space, money, or not.

#4. Create your playbook-
If you want to scale ANYTHING you’re doing, it’s going to require a step by step playbook for consistently creating the experience you desire everyone on your team (including clients) to have. I always use the rule (ask my men), “Sounds good. What does that look like if we multiply that idea x10 men or x100? Will it still work?”
Creating a go-to manual for every operation within your company is the next necessary step to set you up to scale profitably.

#5. Execute the play-
One of the biggest hurdles I see MOST business owners struggle to overcome is “overwhelm.” It’s merely the case of wearing too many hats in their business and not trusting others who are capable of doing them. In other words, they SUCK at delegation and major in the minors.
Instead, figure out what you CAN’T delegate or what only you can bring to the table and enable others to do the tasks that are time wasters for you.

Once this machine starts rolling, you’re in the process of being able to scale.


#6. Find others who continue to propel your vision-
One of the easiest ways to become complacent is to be the smartest person in the room.
You NEED to find people who are succeeding at a higher level than you. Not only will they increase your dreams and vision for your future, but they’ll also be there to answer questions and concerns that pop up…bc’ trust me, they will pop up.

#7. You gotta’ rest-
I know you’re a badass and all…but all work, no play, and no rest will eventually make you an asshole. I tell you this from experience. In my first business, I worked for 8 years straight (Maximum Effort!!) only to find after a week-long vacation in Florida that for at least 6 of those 8 years, I was operating at about 60% capacity.
Being a hard worker is par for the course when you consider doing your own thing…but remember the freedom…if you don’t take a regular break, it’ll be you who breaks.

See ya’ in the trenches!

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